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World Circuit/driving sim question

I recently purchased World Circuit and think it’s
a great game. The only real drawback (besides the
documentation) is that you have to use a joystick
to control the car. Major bummer – very

Consequently, I have questions for all you users
of World Circuit, Test Drive, Mario Andretti,
Nascar, Indy 500, etc.

If a steering wheel controller was available
for these games, would you be inclined to
purchase such a device.

If the quality and features of such a device were
comparable to the Thrust FCS, and included such
items as a steering wheel-mounted "semi-automatic"
gear changer and a seat of brake/accelerator
pedals, how much would be willing to pay?

Would you want the pedals part of the complete
unit or would you prefer them as an add-on? If
an add-on, what you be willing to pay for the
basic steering unit and how much extra for the

Lastly, if a "real" gearbox was available,
which would you prefer, the "pushbutton
semi-automatic" or the box? Would you be
willing to pay extra for a gearbox as an
option, and how much?

Bob Boulanger


Please reply via e-mail so as not to clutter up the net. If
enough interest in the responses is evident I’ll
post a summary.

Bob Boulanger
Logic Modeling Corporation
19500 NW Gibbs Drive
Beaverton, OR  97006

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