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OT: Ping: dwpj65

Think there is a reason NASA’s main spaceport is called the Kennedy
Space Center?   ;-P


Loco Laura Bush murdered her boyfriend foams like a Bartlo
(and spelling or gramatical errors are left as is):

"Hey – necromancer is a criminal coddler. BTW the article
 says 4X and then it says the BAC was .187 which doesn’t
 make much sense.  Not that it matters.  Drunk drivers who
 kill should get life wo parole."

Ref: http://tinyurl.com/rqvtg
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  1. admin says:

    necromancer wrote:
    >Think there is a reason NASA’s main spaceport is called the Kennedy
    >Space Center?   ;-P



    Although I am not a fan of Ozzy, "Flying High Again" might be a nice
    new theme song for the Space Center, as well as it’s namesake’s
    family. :))

    We’re all here
    because we’re not all there.

  2. admin says:

    necromancer wrote:

    >Methinks they had the drunken Teddy in mind. Kind of a Fraudian Slip, so=20
    >to speak…. :)

    >Then again, I think you would have to be piss-ant-drunk to allow=20
    >yourself to be strapped into a POS beater like those shuttles.=20

    As I can recall from the troll/thread I initiated some time back,
    supposedly a fair number of engineers at Nasa are from Colorado.
    Certainly puts things into perspective, considering our resident
    "expert" on all subjects from the state.

    We’re all here
    because we’re not all there.

  3. admin says:

    > I’d say that video makes a good case for NO bike lanes, which has the
    > dual benefits of being both highly uncomplicated and highly effective. :)

    Some European countries have taken that to the ultimate extreme: no separate

    Both of those arrangements have the same drawback: drivers quite rightly view
    the entire unsegregated space as belonging to them.