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Mixing Synthetics

If a person is intent on mixing synthetic and mineral oils then there are
options available.

1) Most important option, there are semi-synthetics on the market.  In
Canada, Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire) sells a semi-synthetic.

2) Not really an option.  Ask yourself how much are you actually saving
by mixing the two?  Is it worth the possible complications?  My opinion
is go hard or go home.  Either use 100% synthetic or use 100% mineral.  
Synthetics are excellent for extreme conditions, (dusty stop-n-go
traffic, racing, cold).  Unless these conditions are present or you love
your car, use the mineral oils.  Both types will do an adequate job, the
sythetics will provide alot more protection if chosen.

3) IMHO never personally mix the two types unless you are certain there
will not be complications such as the "bubble-gum" symtom.

P.S.  For those in the cold climate (especially this year in Canada),
Synthetic oils lose little or no viscosity in cold climates.

s5ell…@sms.business.uwo.ca (Steve Elliott)
Western Business School  –  London, Ontario

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