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Gasoline Brands

Is there any significant difference in gasoline brands?  Are there any
recommendations for one brand or another?

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    > Cricket’s Trucking Service <v078n…@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu> writes:

    >>Yes, there is.  The biggest difference is the detergent packages on the lower
    >>grades (eg.  Exxon, Shell, and Texaco have high detergentcy in all grades,
    >>Mobil has it only on their Super+)

    >Are you saying that high detergency is good or bad?

    Detergency is good, because a build-up in the carb/injector(s) WILL mean a
    build-up of deposits on the intake valves and pistons.  As these deposits
    increase, the airflow into the cylinder grows less, affecting power.  The
    chamber itself grows smaller and means the possibility of detonation.  If your
    car automaticly retards the spark to prevent detonation, power loss is seen