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Texas Department of Transportation Uses Gas Tax Money to Lobby for Toll Roads
Activists urge investigation of Texas Department of Transportation
lobbying on behalf of toll roads.


The San Antonio Express News reported Monday that an internal TxDOT memo
entitled "Keep Texas Moving: Tolling and Trans-Texas Corridor Outreach"
suggested the agency would spend $7-9 million promoting the tolling
concept. In February, the state auditor’s office chided TxDOT for hiding
lobbying expenses behind other, legitimate expenses.


The multi-million dollar public relations campaign began in June with
paid advertisements and a slick website called Keep Texas Moving, which
promotes the 4000-mile Trans-Texas Corridor proposal. Expected to be up
to 1200 feet wide, the toll road will cost between $145 and $183 billion
to construct and require acquisition of 9000 square miles of land.


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