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Why no EZPass booths on the right?

Stayed at work fairly late tonight, as I seem to have taken on several
projects that require special care and feeding… anyway, on my way
home, I noticed something.  At least on the Dulles Toll Road, all of the
EZPass only lanes are on the left hand side of the roadway, forcing me
to move left to go through them, or alternately wait in line at a
regular lane, or even if traffic is unusually light, slow to a fairly
low speed to go through a regular lane (as those booths are manned, and
who wants to risk the attendant stepping out just as you’re hammering
through?)  Even worse, when leaving the toll plaza, if you are driving
as I have been and attempting to stay within 10 MPH or so of the speed
limit, you likely can’t merge back right, because of the wall of faster
traffic to your right, making you an inadvertant LLB.  I ended up in the
left lane all the way from the eastern toll plaza to the point where the
  right lane ends after the merge with the airport access road (almost a
mile) because I simply couldn’t move right.

I wonder why the designers didn’t think to put EZPass lanes at both the
leftmost lanes and somewhere close to the right lane to facilitate those
drivers who have an EZPass but don’t wish to cruise at 15-20 over?  ISTM
that thinking about it now, most of the toll roads that I’ve been on
have the EZPass lanes all the way to the left as well, although I
haven’t paid much attention as I only got mine fairly recently and
haven’t been on any significant road trips since then.

Oh, and I had a DC cop pass me at about 80 MPH all the way out near
Dulles, which pissed me off.  The VA cop sitting in the median on the
non-toll stretch between the Beltway and I-66 didn’t seem to care,
either, or else he got off before then.


replace "roosters" with "cox" to reply.

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A truck for Nate…

Too bad it turned up too late and too far away….


1969 International Pickup Truck 1000-D – $8000
1969 International 1000-D Pickup Truck. Automatic Transmission. Runs
great. $8,000 obo. Used as host vehicle on the DIY TV show "From Junky To
Funky." Turns a lot of heads when we’re driving around town!!

Lots of work completed. New transmission, Front end re-built – New
shocks, ball joints, center link, Gas tank relined, New fuel pump. Have
all paperwork for work completed. Have operator’s manual and service
manual, even paperwork from original owner. Mileage unknown. Has a V-8,
four-barrel intake manifold. Passed emissions test last year.

Unlimited potential. Located in Chicago. Serious buyers only, please.

(pics are on the link)

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Jimmy Justice: Watching the Watchers

Anyone seen this guy?  Great stuff — he films NY Traffic Cops
breaking their own laws. Search youtube for "Jimmy Justice".  

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Is the car smart enough?

My wife has a 2000 Outback with 125K on it. Monday morning, she went out
and saw a large puddle under the car. It started fine but she said the
transmission (AT) wouldn’t shift into 1st. I drove her to work and started
thinking about where to get $2,000 for a tranny. My work schedule didn’t
permit getting it towed to my mechanic until Tues night.

Low and behold, Wed when I came home from work, the car was parked in front
of the house. It seems a new transmission wasn’t needed. A rock or
something had knocked an extranal filter off the transmission and thus all
the fluid on the ground. The mechanic fixed it all for $150.

Is this car smart enough to know that if you try and drive without any
transmission fluid, you will destroy the transmission, so it won’t let you?

I know the latest Navistar engines will shut down, if all of the oil is
drained out (about six gallons).


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more residential speed limit fun…

So… I am driving along a semi-residential street… the houses are
on roads that branch from it but have sides along this street…
there’s a park and some other crap. 30mph with a center lane for left
turns. Excellent sightlines, good set backs for buildings. 30mph is
underposted for this road. Should be no lower than 35, probably no higher
than 40 given traffic I’ve seen on it.

This minivan is just riding too close to me for comfort as I am
doing a hair (width of the line on the speedo) under 30. I have to watch
traffic, watch for cops and watch him. I have enough, I lift the
throttle and drop to 25mph intending to shoot back up to 30mph to get
some relief. (If I were to go over the speed limit on this road it
would be my luck a cop would be there) Well, mr minivan pulls with in a few
inches of my rear bumper. So I stay off the throttle and drop to 20mph.
He then goes around, cuts me off and nails the brakes… starts moving
again, nails the brakes again. Then he signals a left turn and pulls on
to the road where he apparently lives…..

He gets out and yells something at me…..  I yell back that he needs to
complain to his town government not me and continue on my way.

I’ll bet he and his wife would scream if someone proposed raising
that speed limit to 35-40mph thinking their kid would get run over by
speeders…..  Since he was stuck driving a minivan I doubt he was the
type to stand up to his wife on anything even if he did feel a higher
speed limit was appropiate.

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Raged motorist strikes two cyclists


News report from KGW TV (Portland, Oregon) – August 17, 2007

Portland police arrested a driver Friday afternoon after a bizarre chase
in which two cyclists were hit by a car in Southeast Portland.

It all started around 12:30 PM on 1000 block of Southeast Clinton
Street. Police said 46-year-old John Eschweiler was driving along when
he reported a cyclist kicked his car. Officers said Eschweiler sped up
and hit the cyclist, who rolled onto the hood of the car, smashing the

The car continued on about 75 feet, sideswiping a car and hitting a
truck before turning a corner where another cyclist heading towards the
car was then hit, investigators said.

Police arrested Eschweiler and charged him with two counts of attempted

The cyclists, 25-year-old Ben Ramsdell and 41-year-old Timothy Mastne,
were taken to OHSU. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Neither cyclist was wearing a helmet.


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Re: Confessions of a Sloth Driver

On Aug 18, 12:06 pm, Scott in SoCal <scottenazt…@yahoo.com> wrote:

> OK, I admit it: I was a Sloth last Wednesday.

> The speed limit in California for trucks and vehicles towing trailers
> is 55 MPH, even if the regular posted limit is 70 MPH. Since I was
> driving a 16′ rental truck, I decided to comply with the law and
> observe what happened.

Check the law, dumbass, a 16′ single-axle truck is not limited to 55.

> In short, I was a traffic hazard.

You mean, other traffic created the perception of hazards to you.

> This despite the fact that I was
> ALWAYS in one of the rightmost two lanes (believe it or not, I was not
> always the slowest Sloth on the road, and I had to pass quite a few
> people, especially on the steep 6% grades through the Laguna
> Mountains).

I guess that shoots the shit out of the perception that everyone is
always speeding.

> Vehicles swerved around me like I was standing still, often at the
> last possible moment. It can be pretty unnerving to watch Roger Ramjet
> come flying up behind you and miss your back bumper by inches. One
> mistake and he would have been eating my taillights.

So, you -do- realize it wasn’t you or your velocity creating the
hazard.  Or are you of the mind that drivers avoid doing those things
as long as your velocity is 10-30 mph over the limit?

> Iif I had had to brake sharply for
> a Sloth merger or something,

Nobody who knows how to drive needs to brake sharply for a "sloth"

> Although few Truckers passed me, a lot of pickup trucks and SUVs
> towing trailers did pass me, usually at high speeds (especially on the
> downgrades). Something to think about next time you’re on a mountain
> road: that tobacco-chewing moron in his Durango with the ATVs on his
> toy-hauler that’s flying up behind you couldn’t possibly haul all that
> mass to a stop in time.

Or the sophisticated and erudite suburbanite pulling an 18,000# boat
with a 6000# SUV… I guess those drivers were in short supply during
your brief trip.

> Although some may disagree with it, there is
> actually some logic behind the reduced speed limit for these oversized
> vehicles.

I could agree with that, but would attribute your assessment that
split-speed limits are the result of logic as accidental.  Aren’t you
that "Sloth Kills" idiot who always discounts velocity as any factor
in any crash, unless it’s a lesser velocity?  You know, the kind that
kills so many people…?

> Fortunately, my Sloth driving days are over for the forseeable future.

That kid of yours won’t make through 2 semesters… but you can always
hire a moving company, and I hope you do.

- gpsman

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Videos and photos from Baltimore

Hi All,

As you may know, the Worldwide Highway Library has expansive coverage of
North America’s eastern seaboard.  One area that the Library covers,
among others, is metro Baltimore.  If you’re in search for photos and
videos of the region, here are some hyperlinks that can get you on the
relevant path:


http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/i-83.html (Interstate 83)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/i-97.html (Interstate 97)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/i-695.html (Interstate 695)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/i-83.wmv  (corresponding video)


http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/i-395.wmv (Interstate 695)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/i-695.wmv (Interstate 695)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/us-40.wmv (US Federal Route 40 video)


The Worldwide Highway Library proudly supports the research and eventual
cure for pancreatic cancer.  This deadly disease takes the majority of
lives w/in five years after onset.  While stem cell research may be the
key to the cure of tomorrow, today’s research needs to find a way to
successfully combat the onset w/ treatments that help promote a
productive lifestyle and path towards a cure.  Please consider donating
to the Pancreatic Research Fund (http://www.pcrf.org.uk), who accepts
currency of all forms, or through your national cancer research centres.
  You may be eligible for tax write-offs, depending on where you live
and what your local tax laws are!  If you know anyone who has genetic
predisposition to the disease, at bare minimum, have them check in w/
their doctors annually for just simple check-ups.


Carl Rogers
"Adding human experience to transportation enthusiasm"
Calrog.com, http://www.calrog.com :
An integrated media arm in Turn-of-the-Century PC Development,
International Transportation Research, and Interpersonal Psychology. Has
served your home country and ninety-eight of its worldwide neighbours
since 2000, through Internet downstream and published works.
MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/calrog

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