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Today I was not a JLEDI

So here I was on southbound I-405 a few miles north of LAX,
approaching the interchange with CA-90 (aka Marina Freeeway, fka
Richard M. Nixon Freeway).

The southbound lanes are configured as:
#1 – #3 – Southbound I-405
#4 – Southbound I-405 or CA-90 Exit
#5 – CA-90 Exit Only

Some foolish MFFY gets into the #5 lane less than 1/4 mile before the
split, expecting a chance to pass a few cars and then slip back into
the #4 lane and continue southbound.  But I’m in the #4  lane.  He
frantically looks for an opening, but I’m directly to his left.
Suddenly he finds himself on the wrong side of the divider,
inescapably heading onto CA-90.

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OT: Ping: dwpj65

Think there is a reason NASA’s main spaceport is called the Kennedy
Space Center?   ;-P


Loco Laura Bush murdered her boyfriend foams like a Bartlo
(and spelling or gramatical errors are left as is):

"Hey – necromancer is a criminal coddler. BTW the article
 says 4X and then it says the BAC was .187 which doesn’t
 make much sense.  Not that it matters.  Drunk drivers who
 kill should get life wo parole."

Ref: http://tinyurl.com/rqvtg
Message ID:i2k082lf3gv2p6h1sosge2bqma6uvce…@4ax.com

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Plans for a privatised toll-road foiled in Yamhill County, OR, USA

Hi All,

According to the Salem Statesman-Journal ( http://tinyurl.com/3d5eob ),
plans were previously made to construct a toll-road around Oregon State
Route 99W.  This toll-road would have helped offset State Route traffic
by providing an alternative path between Newberg and Dundee, in an area
affectionately referred to as wine country.

The 27-kilometre bypass was being considered by an Australian firm
well-known for public-private ventures.  For now, the plans are
indefinitely on hold.

The Worldwide Highway Library, a Calrog.com component, hosts a
photograph of Newberg via State Route 240.  For more information, the
city and highway can be found here:
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/or-240.html .


Carl Rogers
"Adding human experience to highway enthusiasm"
Calrog.com, http://www.calrog.com :
An integrated media arm in Turn-of-the-Century PC Development,
International Transportation Research, and Interpersonal Psychology. Has
served your home country and ninety-seven of its worldwide neighbours
since 2000, through Internet downstream and published works.
MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/calrog

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Re: Was pursuit suspect at root of Phoenix Helicopter Collision an ILLEGAL ALIEN?

On Jul 27, 7:41 pm, MURS radios <horsesh…@yahoo.com> wrote:

- — -

> Was pursuit suspect at root of Phoenix Helicopter Collision an ILLEGAL
> ALIEN?  Why else is LE and the Media going out of their way to cover
> up his identity?

> http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0727crashchase27-ON.html#comments

> – Stewart (San Diego Minutemen)

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Public Transportation – You Don't Want To Go There

News Item:

"The Manhattan borough president wants more police in the subways to fend off
perverts who attack straphangers.

Scott Stringer’s office asked commuters how often someone sexually attacked or
harassed them in the subway, and found frightening results. More than 60
percent of those who responded to the online study said they were sexually
harassed and 10 percent said they’d been sexually assaulted."

Funny, I’ve never been sexually harrassed or assaulted in my car.

Sure, take public transportation and stand on some train platform all
vulnerable because places that build lots of public transport also, likely as
not, have laws against effective self defense by prohibiting the concealed
carry of personal firearms.

Build roads.  Lots more roads.

Dave Head

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People who troll on the internet should be SENT TO PRISON or EXECUTED!!
  They shouldn’t be coddled!!  People who let other people get away with
TROLLING are just CRIMINAL CODDLERS who should go to prison themselves!!
  Such people are as bad as CHILD MOLESTERS!!  Worse than TED KENNEDY!!

Okay, I have to go lie down now…

Von Herzen, moge es wieder zu Herzen gehen.  –Beethoven

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Re: Britney's road rage SUV and umbrella for sale on Ebay

"Let’s go for a ride, y’all" <let…@joyriding.yall> wrote in

> http://www.tmz.com/2007/07/24/britneys-rage-umbrella-and-car-for-sale/

> Britney’s Rage Umbrella and Car for Sale

> Posted Jul 24th 2007 5:31PM by TMZ Staff
> Filed under: Train Wrecks, Wacky and Weird, Britney Spears, Celebrity
> Auctions

> Now you can drive yourself crazy — in the same 2002 Ford Explorer —
> along with the busted green umbrella tossed in for rainy-day angst!
> Grrrrrrrrrrr!

> Bidding starts on this mad eBay auction — at $25,000, y’all.

Also for sale, Christopher Columbus’ bones.

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Save On Premiums!

Car Insurance, Save On Premiums!

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Re: __ Loud Pipes Save Lives <= unless you're a Motorcycle Cop __

- — -

Timberwoof wrote:
> In article <1185395596.769599.280…@i13g2000prf.googlegroups.com>,
> jesshc <jes…@phantomemail.com> wrote:

>> Fred W wrote:
>>> jesshc wrote:

>>>> In what way is the claim ridiculous?  I’ve told you exactly what I
>>>> experienced more than once, and pointed out that emergency
>>>> responders find loud noises a reasonable way to draw attention to
>>>> themselves. Are you claiming that loud sirens alert people to
>>>> oncoming vehicles, but loud pipes don’t?
>>>> If so, upon what do you base that assertion?

>>> Not my assertion, but I will chime in with an answer:  The big
>>> difference here is in the direction that the sound is being
>>> broadcast.

>> So if I come up with a way to broadcast the noise of loud pipes
>> forward, everyone would be happy?

> Nope. Most riders make their mufflers loud because they want to be
> loud. Safety is usually just a polite tacked-on excuse. Even if you
> bend your exhaust pipes around to face forward, your motorcycle will
> still be annoying.

>>> You may have noticed that police sirens and automobile horns are
>>> aimed *forward* vs. loud pipes, which broadcast their sound
>>> primarily behind the vehicle.  Letting all the people you’ve just
>>> passed know you are there isn’t of much use.

>> I’ve heard bikes coming up behind me while in my car.  Am I the only
>> one?  That would be a surprise.

> It depends on the motorcycle and the acoustic environment. If I’m in a
> city where there are lots of reflecting walls and I’m traveling at
> reasonable city speeds, then yeah, I’d probably hear those straight
> pipes. If I’m traveling on a freeway with the ear plugs in or the
> windows up, I won’t hear the motorcycle with the loud pipes until it’s
> right on me.

>>>> Maybe you should avoid using your horn, too, since that might be so
>>>> loud as to offend someone.

>>> Oh, it definitely would if you turned the horn on and left it on the
>>> whole time you were riding, or pulsed it 30 times per second,
>>> similar to say…  loud pipes on a Harley.

>> I’ve never once had anyone complain about my pipes.

> There are plenty of situations where people do not complain about
> annoying things that people they find threatening do to them.

>>> OTOH, if you have an earsplitting 120dBA horn, but only use it to
>>> alert the brain dead cagers when they need to be woken up, nobody
>>> would give a rat’s ass.

>> On the other hand, by the time you’re forced to use your horn, the
>> situation has become dire.

> That is not true.

It is irrefutably true.

Using the horn is "reactive" to a danger that has already begun to
occur, and it takes time for you to recognize the incipient danger,
decide it is, or will be, high enough to warrant your horn, then to
mentally and physically locate and press the horn button, then hope
there is still time for the offending cage to hear, analyze and react
to it.

Loud Pipes are "pro-active", they cage driver is allerted to
your presense even before any dangerous action on their part

Got it?

Good, now go ponder it some more.

>>> Loud *Horns* Save Lives

>> So do loud pipes.  Is there a reason I shouldn’t use as many
>> protective measures as I can?

> Yes, there are. Since you have a lot of alternatives to loud pipes

So don’t buy Loud Pipes then, no one is forcing you.

> and since they harm other people, you should not use them.

No, pay attention — Loud Pipes SAVE Lives.

Got it?

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Be Safe in the Surf

Australian beaches are magic – they’re clean and big and free … but
they can also be very dangerous. Here are some basic precautions to
help you enjoy your time at the beach:


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