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Serve warrants, bring in criminals? No.. bring in revenue instead.



In Dallas County, 92,000 warrants have gone unserved. Constables are
supposed be out pounding the pavement and serving them.

Are they too busy? They seem to have plenty of time to run speed traps.


According to state law, constables are plainly described as warrant
servers. They are to serve misdemeanor warrants, eviction notices and
subpoenas. No where does it say anything about writing speeding tickets.

But that doesn’t stop Dallas Constable Mike Dupree and his deputies from
issuing traffic tickets. Just this year, his offices average 1,700 a month.

He does this all while not giving priority to his primary duty, serving
that backlog of warrants. In his case, there are 24,000 of them.

Dallas County budgeted for more constable patrol cars and auto citation
devices to make issuing traffic tickets quicker and more efficient.

Other constables have similar backlogs.


The county has 49 million reasons to ignore the problem.

That’s the amount of money constables wrote in traffic tickets in the
last 2 years. In the end, it collects only about $10 million.


In Desoto, one constable ignored the mayor’s letters to stop running
traffic. He even ignored a city resolution passed 10 years ago to stop.


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Road rage for stopping on yellow.

Via fark.com:


Off-duty Toronto officer charged with assault

TORONTO . Toronto Police arrived at a downtown Tuesday to find a cyclist
had been beaten by a driver so badly he lost a tooth.

That case took a turn Wednesday when a police constable was arrested and
charged in connection with the beating.

A group of students were in the Queen Street West area near Bay Street on
Tuesday filming a video for a class project when they noticed a clearly
enraged man getting out of his car to confront a cyclist stopped at a
traffic light ahead of him.

The verbal confrontation between the two men escalates until the driver
kicks the bicycle. The cyclist then picks up the bicycle, but just as he
begins to lift it, the driver unleashes a barrage of punches on the victim.


Toronto Police issued a press release noting that the constable, who has
been with the force for 21 years, hasn’t been on duty for the past two
years. However police won’t disclose why.

Police allege Constable Tierman became furious when a cyclist stopped
instead of running an amber light. He is charged with assault causing
bodily harm and was scheduled to appear in a Toronto court Wednesday.


For all those that never believed me about motorists becoming enraged
about a bicyclist being in front of them and stopping as legally required
at a stop light or just being one ahead in a queue… there ya go…

And this one has a fark.com bonus, the motorist being a cop.

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Lady Driven?


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Adolescent lady driven


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Vermont could clear way for new U.S. emissions rules

I saw this article and thought the comment on Toyota hybrids near the bottom
was interesting- "While hybrid technology has raised manufacturing costs,
Toyota Motor Corp., maker of the Prius hybrid, expects cost-cutting on
hybrid production to make the cars as profitable as traditional gasoline
models by 2010. By that point it expects to be selling 1 million hybrids a


Vermont could clear way for new U.S. emissions rules

Reuters |
May 11, 2007 – 9:00 am

BOSTON (Reuters) — A Vermont judge could soon clear the way for nearly a
dozen states to surmount auto industry protests and limit emissions from
cars and light trucks to protect the environment, legal experts said.

The rural northeastern state in 2005 followed California’s lead in calling
for a 30 percent cut in the amount of carbon dioxide, the main gas blamed
for global warming, emitted from automobiles starting with 2009 models. U.S.
automakers have sued both states, and Rhode Island, seeking to have the
rules overturned.

Vermont’s suit is the first to go to trial.

Arguments wrapped up on Tuesday, May 8, after nearly a month of testimony,
and legal experts expect U.S. District Court Judge William Sessions to rule
before September.

"This will be an important signal to the other cases, so I do anticipate
that there will be an important precedent set in this case," said Daniel
Esty, the director of Yale University’s Center for Environmental Law and

The Vermont trial began shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in an
unrelated case that carbon dioxide can be regulated as a pollutant,
rejecting a 2003 argument by the federal Environmental Protection Agency
that it did not have authority over carbon dioxide.

That finding, legal experts said, weakened the auto industry’s argument that
the 10 states that have adopted the rules are overreaching in regulating
carbon dioxide emissions. Fuel efficiency is federally regulated.

"I expect Vermont to win, and I think the deference shown to the states as
sovereign entities by the Supreme Court recently sends a strong signal to
this court that it needs to be very deferential to Vermont’s desire to
protect its air," Esty said.

However, Patrick Parenteau, director of Vermont Law School’s Environmental
and Natural Resources Law Clinic, said Sessions could dismiss the suit or
simply delay ruling until the EPA takes up the issue.

"The probability here is that he is not going to issue any groundbreaking
ruling," Parenteau said. "It’s not a decision he has to make and it’s not a
decision he should make."


General Motors and DaimlerChrysler AG, with local auto dealers and trade
groups, said they could not meet the Vermont standards and would be forced
to stop doing business in the state as a result.

"I seriously doubt that if you gave me all the money in the world and the
same for all the other automakers that they could find enough resources …
to do this work," Bob Lee, a vice president at DaimlerChrysler, testified in

Vermont, whose farm and tourist industries depend on cold winters and mild
summers, said the standards were realistic and crucial for maintaining a
stable climate.

"They have some years, because they don’t even start until 2009 at the
earliest and then slowly ramp up, but it’s a matter of committing to it,"
said Brad Kuster, an attorney at the Conservation Law Foundation, an
advocacy group assisting Vermont and California on the legal issue.

The U.S. auto industry has been slower than its Asian rivals in adopting
energy-saving technologies, such as hybrid engines. Hybrids couple a
traditional gasoline engine with an electric motor to reduce fuel
consumption and emissions.

While hybrid technology has raised manufacturing costs, Toyota Motor Corp.,
maker of the Prius hybrid, expects cost-cutting on hybrid production to make
the cars as profitable as traditional gasoline models by 2010. By that point
it expects to be selling 1 million hybrids a year.

California adopted its standard from concern that the national government
was doing too little to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. U.S. clean air
laws allow the West Coast state to implement stricter standards, which other
states can adopt.

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and
Washington have also adopted the new California rule, and Arizona, Maryland
and New Mexico are considering it.

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1991 Toyota Tercel

Tercel in good condition, expected to run for at least another 10
years. Price asked: CAN $1500.

- Standard, 5-speed.
– Four doors
– Green
– 1.6 litre
– New timing belt and new water replace in 2005
– New muffler and new catalyser replaced in 2006
– New clutch replaced
– Chockes and springs at the back on both sides replaced in 2007.
– Brakes in good conditioning.
– 218 Km

I’m selling because I’m looking a V6.

More on the Tercel:


This is the very best car you can buy. Dependable, efficient,



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<Rant> Memo to the cops

Those new LED overheads you are using on your cars are TOO DAMN

I encountered two instances tonight where I was approaching police cars
stopped with the disco lights going. THe first one was as I was exiting
I-95 at exit 29 and there was a truck that had broken down in the middle
of the ramp. I couldn’t even see the flipping cop who was directing the
traffic because of those dam LED’s on the top of his car untill I was
literally past the back bumper of the car.

The second encounter occurred a few miles north on US 17 where two of
the fuckers had some schmuck pulled for a revenue stop. It was a 4 lane
road and I moved over to the left lane as per that stupid "move over,"
law and still had to slow to 15MPH (in a posted 45 zone) because I
couldn’t see but 10 frickin’ feet in front of my car for those damn

Ya know, now that I think of it, these idiotic "move over," laws are a
recent advent because of alledged collisions between errant motorists
and police cars on the side of the road. Seems coincidental that these
laws started springing up not long after these damn LED lights started
hitting the road.

Protect and serve, my ass. Seems that the cops are trying to do more to
hurt us than to help us.


N ever
S eeing
A nything

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secret compartments in autos

I recal reading somewhere that there was a law against having secret
compartments in an auto?

Anyone know more about this?

Jim Yanik

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Jesus Christ found dead in trunk of car

Police pulled over a man in DC recently and he refused to open his
trunk for a drug search.  Police obtained a warrant and forced the
trunk lid open.  They did not find drugs, instead they found a dead
body. It turned out the deceased was Jesus Christ, which was confirmed
with DNA tests.  Jesus Christ is dead, so if you are a christian,
please stop wasting expensive gasoline to go to church.  The more you
go to church, the more we all have to pay for gasoline.  Jesus is
dead, so there is no purpose to go to church.

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10 to 25% better MPG, with 2 or 3 ounces of Acetone per 10 gals of gas

Acetone is available at autoparts stores, walgreens, walmarts, etc,
and costs only 10 to 15 cents per ounce. Everyone who cares about air
pollution and the high cost of gasoline should know about this.

Acetone in Fuels: Significantly Improved Mileage:

This article about acetone (CH3COCH3) probably draws conclusions that
Big Oil  and the  American Car Manufacturers  and others do NOT want
you to know. They suffer from unlimited corporate GREED. They want bad
mileage. The worse, the better as far as they are concerned. Acetone
is a vaporization additive rather than a fuel additive per se. It is
successful in very tiny amounts from about one part per 5000 to one
part per 500. Mileage seems to taper off while HC emissions actually
are greatly reduced with too much acetone. The peak gain in mileage
comes between .03 of one-percent and .20  of one-percent acetone,
depending on the actual vehicle which may be running gasoline or
diesel. Note .781 cc per liter  or .78 parts per 1000  or  one part
per 1280 are the same as one ounce per 10 gallons. Acetone operates on
the unburned portion of the fuel to gain added vaporization and
improved combustion efficiency.

above was excerpted from:


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