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death-dealing faulty traffic signal near TAMPA, Fla

 WARNING: Dangerous Traffic Signal in Palmetto, Florida (near Tampa)
 43 SERIOUS INJURY (and rising!) left-turn, head-on collisions with on-
comming traffic. (d.o.t injury figure)
 Location: Palmetto, Florida;SOUTHBOUND routes 301 and 41 combine for
a left turn; just 70 yards past the overpass; just NORTH of the
 This accident record DEFINES this traffic signal as an ENGINEERING
  Left turn Traffic arrow sequences and durations VARY during the day.
  (at night) INADEQUATE duration left turn green arrow (3-4 secs.)
does not clear the 10 to 20 cars backed up for the left turn. (due to
faulty traffic sensors imbedded in the pavement)This faulty
engineering encourages 1-3 motorists to speed up and try to make the
light! This often leaves a car IN the intersection and in the path of
oncomming (50mph)traffic. What’s more- there is only a ONE SECOND
delay between the left turn yellow arrow going OFF and the green light
ON- for oncomming traffic.
  This combined (left lane and through lane) EXCUSE for a safety
device needs to be REPLACED with a STANDARD left turn signal:

 What is a SAFE, STANDARD left-turn signal? As in most other states:

  1. A SOLID left turn GREEN arrow of adequate duration to handle the
backed up traffic.
  2. A yellow arrow of SUFFICIENT DURATION.
  3. A SOLID RED arrow (which is lacking)
 There needs to be a 3 SECOND DELAY from the time the left turn RED
arrow comes ON, and the green light comes ON for oncomming traffic. At
present, there is only a ONE second delay from the time the left turn
YELLOW arrow goes OFF and the GREEN light comes ON for oncomming
traffic. There is no red arrow at this turn!
 This STANDARD left-turn signal is the BEST solution to this miserable
injury record.
 The occassional Florida COMBINED(left turn/thru lane)traffic light is
an UNSAFE design! It is not used in most other states! The correct and
safe sequence used in other states is a green arrow-yellow arrow-RED
arrow. RED always follows yellow!The present Green arrow-yellow arrow
followed by a SOLID green thru light is an abomination!
 Another, less costly solution might be to imbed a WORKING sensor in
the pavement- right at the point where cars make the left turn. This
sensor would keep the left turn GREEN arrow ON until 5 seconds has
elapsed in which the sensor detects no cars passing over it. At that
point the yellow arrow would come on,followed by a SOLID red arrow.
This way, ALL the cars in the left turn lane would make the turn and

 There is more than simple bad driving at work here. Bad drivers have
accidents everywhere. They do not cause a concentrated carnage at one

 Again- the sensors in the pavement do not sense the amount of left
turn traffic in the lane and are FAULTY!

 The injury figures were given to me by Ken Bass (Fla D.O.T)and the
ONLY person who can correct this is:

   Ken Bass (Florida Dept. of Transportation)
    ph (863) 519-2495
  My suggestion: Call him and:
  ALSO EMAIL DOT: fdot.pio@ dot.state.fl.us
              Mike Corman


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Gun crazies are still a MUCH smaller threat to you than CAR CRAZIES

The govt-shills in the press who want to take our guns are exploiting
this VA Tech tragedy, but it’s till small potatoes compared to the 110
americans killed EVERY DAY on the highways by reckless drivers.  THINK,
you mindless sheep.

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__ Convicted of First-Degree Murder for Aggressive Driving = Life without Parole x 2 __

Reynolds sentenced to 2 life terms
By Ivan Moreno, Rocky Mountain News
April 16, 2007

An Arapahoe County district judge sentenced Jason Reynolds today to two life
terms for causing the car crash that killed two people on E-470 in 2005.

Judge Carlos Samour told Reynolds that his reckless actions caused the fatal
accident that took the lives of Kelvin Norman, 50, and Greg Boss, 35, on
Nov. 8, 2005.

Reynolds cut in front of Norman and slammed on his brakes during the road
rage incident.

Norman swerved to avoid a collision and lost control of his car, rolling
into oncoming traffic and landing on top of Boss’ vehicle.

"This is about murder. This is about extreme indifference, much like the
statute says and the sad thing is you not only took two lives, but you took
your own away," Samour said.

Reynolds addressed the court before he was sentenced saying "to the Boss and
the Norman family, I would like to express how sorry I am that you lost a
loved one."

He then went on to criticize what he called an unfair media coverage of the
case and a tainted jury to which Samour responded, "That’s not true and I
will not allow you to criticize this jury."

Reynolds becomes the first man in Colorado history to be convicted of
first-degree murder for aggressive driving.

His attorney said he will appeal the decision.

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OT: VA Tech massacre

What a horrible, horrible situation. :(  My thoughts go out to friends
and family of the victims.  That was truly a situation that should NEVER
take place in American history again…


Carl Rogers
"Adding human experience to highway enthusiasm"
Calrog.com, http://www.calrog.com :
An integrated media arm in Turn-of-the-Century PC Development,
International Highway Research, and Interpersonal Psychology.  Has
served your home country and ninety-five of its worldwide neighbours
since 2000, through Internet downstream and published works.

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Appears certain NJ gov Corzine's car was EXTREME SPEEDING



The crash happened in Galloway Township just after 6 p.m. Corzine had
been expected at the mansion, Drumthwacket, at 7 p.m. Princeton is at
least 85 miles from Galloway.


So they must have been doing near 90 mph!!! And a year ago Corzine was
trying to get speed limits lowered in NJ to save gas!

Quote above is near end of the long article linked to.

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More candidates to join the 3000+ a month…


Even though there is a gusher in the middle of the road, these Darwin
Award contenders drive into it anyway.


Deadly Psychopath. And Proud of it, Man!!

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European Drivers Think Hybrids Are a Good Idea

The following came from a Automotive News Europe and Maritz Research
survey of European car buyers:

* Real-world experience helps convince drivers that hybrids are a good
idea. Citing a previous survey of 308 drivers conducted for Toyota,
Maritz said the percentage of drivers that said hybrids offered
"driving pleasure" increased to 57 from 16 after they test-drove a
hybrid. Similar improvements after driving were recorded for "real
breakthrough innovation" (72 percent from 48 percent) and high
performance (47 percent from 13 percent).

* Dealers see Toyota as the clear leader in alternative-powertrain
technology. Asked to rank brands, 52 percent of dealers named the
Japanese carmaker first and 71 percent put it in the top three. No
other brand was ranked first by more than 7 percent of dealers. Honda,
the only other brand currently selling a hybrid in Europe, got 24
percent ranking it in the top three.


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Gulity until proven innocent… if you aren't doing anything wrong…

Another story for those who have no problem with the lack of due process
that comes with driving a motor vehicle.

Texas: Man Wrongly Accused by Red Light Camera
A Dallas, Texas red light camera accuses the owner of a white car of
committing an offense in a black sedan.

Acura 3.2 TLA Texas resident is fighting a photo ticket he received for
an offense he did not commit. Last month, a Dallas red light camera
accused Richard Gregory of running a red light in a black Acura 3.2 TL at
7:15 in the morning. At the time, Gregory was at his home in League City,
located outside of Houston, 265 miles away from Dallas.

Gregory drives a white Chrysler and does not own an Acura

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Time to drive the underposted speed limit in front of yellow trucks

Seems in Kansas they are using federal money to put cameras, a radar gun,
and a cop in Yellow Transportation’s semi trucks.


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Consumer Reports 2007 Auto Survey

I just completed my 2007 Consumer Reports Subscriber Survey. I though
people who don’t participate might like to see the sort of questions
that are used to create the results reported in the magazine..

If you had any problems with your car in the past 12 months that you
considered SERIOUS because of cost, failure, safety or downtime,
select the appropriate box(es) for each car.
INCLUDE problems covered by warranty.
DO NOT INCLUDE: 1) problems resulting from accident damage; 2)
recalls; or 3) replacement of normal maintenance items (brake pads,
batteries) unless they were replaced much sooner or more often than

Considering all factors (price, performance, reliability, comfort,
enjoyment, etc.), would you get this car if you had it to do all over

How satisfied are you with this vehicle with respect to each of the
following factors?

Did this vehicle get any MAINTENANCE (e.g., oil change/lube/tire
rotation) or REPAIRS in the past 12 months?

Was any work done on this vehicle in the past 12 months (excluding
tire replacement or accident damage) covered by a warranty or by a
recall notice?
Select ALL that apply.

Which, if any, of the following performed the maintenance and repairs?
Select ALL that apply.

New car dealer (which sells your make of car)
Independent local service station
Repair or service chain such as Jiffy-Lube, Midas

How satisfied were you with the service for each of the following?

New car dealer (which sells your make of car)
Independent local service station
Repair or service chain such as Jiffy-Lube, Midas


If your cars actually had a problem (and neither of mine did), you get
additional question about the area affected, but it all depends on
what the respondent considers significant and they don’t collect cost
data. Yet from this limited questionnaire, that is only sent to
Consumer Reports subscribers, CR generates "data" that million use to
make buying decisions.


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