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As predicted, price of gas skyrocketing once again

I and many others forecast a drop in gas prices last fall to help the
repubs in the election (didn’t work HAHA) and then a springtime surge
and sure enough, here we are with gas around $2.60 and all this iran war
talk driving it higher by the day.

In america, everything is a conspiracy.

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Don't Need No Stinkin' Stop

Yesterday, about 8:00 A.M., the wife needed to pick up a schedule at church.
I waited in the car and noticed the intersection at the connection to the
road to the interstate. While I was there I amused myself by counting
vehicles that violated the stop. Of 23 vehicles 19 did not stop and 4
actually caused oncoming traffic to brake, one quite violently.
Interestingly 14 of the stop sign violators were female. Late for work? Get
home before hubby does from night shift? Still stoned from meth? One was
applying makeup. One ran the stop and went to a convenience store 2 doors
up. Really no enforcement anywhere in this small town except near
interstate. The 6 local PD cars nail speeders on that stretch and seem to
ignore everything else. Cash cow I suppose. If they know you they just wave.
I passed H one day @ 70+ in 55 zone and he just waved. (We have had coffee
together). The noted intersection is 1 short block from city hall/PD.

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Autocross video collection – Same corner different cars, PCA event

Autocross video collection – Same corner different cars, PCA event
Autocross video collection – Same corner different cars, PCA event


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Necromancer, this is MLOM, over….

An addition to the road sign art page that you should enjoy, over.


It’s toward the bottom of the page.

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Parking is too cheap?

Excerpts from http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/29/opinion/29shoup.html

Several studies have found that cruising for curb parking generates
about 30% of the traffic in central business districts.

In Los Angeles, we found the average cruising time was 3.3 minutes,
and the average cruising distance half a mile (about 2.5 times around
the block). This may not sound like much, but with 470 parking meters
in the district, and a turnover rate for curb parking of 17 cars per
space per day, 8,000 cars park at the curb each weekday. Even a small
amount of cruising time for each car adds up to a lot of traffic.  

Over the course of a year, the search for curb parking in this
15-block district created about 950,000 excess vehicle miles of
travel. Cruising those 950,000 miles wastes 47,000 gallons of gas and
produces 730 tons of carbon dioxide.

What causes this astonishing waste? As is often the case, the prices
are wrong. A national study of downtown parking found that the average
price of curb parking is only 20% that of parking in a garage, giving
drivers a strong incentive to cruise.

Drivers often compare parking at the curb to parking in a garage and
decide that the price of garage parking is too high. But the truth is
that the price of curb parking is too low. Underpriced curb spaces are
like rent-controlled apartments – hard to find and, once you do, crazy
to give up. This increases the time costs (and therefore the
congestion and pollution costs) of cruising. And, like rent-controlled
apartments, underpriced curb spaces go to the lucky more often than
they do to the deserving.

The solution is to set the right price for curb parking.  

To prevent shortages, some cities have begun to adjust their meter
rates to produce about an 85% occupancy rate for curb parking. The
prices vary by location and the time of day. Drivers can usually find
a vacant curb space near their destination, and the search time is
zero. Cities can adjust the price of curb parking in response to
demand to keep roughly one out of every eight spaces vacant throughout
the day. Right-priced curb parking can eliminate cruising.  
The balance between the varying demand for parking and the fixed
supply of curb spaces is the Goldilocks Principle of parking prices –
the price is too high if too many spaces are vacant, and too low if no
spaces are vacant. But when only a few spaces are vacant, the price is
just right, and everyone will see that curb parking is both well used
and readily available.  

Beyond the transportation and environmental benefits,
performance-based prices for curb parking can yield ample revenue. If
the city uses a share of this money for added public services on the
metered streets, residents and local merchants will be more willing to
support charging the right price for curb parking. These funds can be
used to clean and maintain sidewalks, plant trees, improve lighting,
remove graffiti, bury utility wires and provide other public
improvements. Returning the meter revenue generated by a district to
the district can persuade residents, merchants and property owners to
support right-priced curb parking.  

If cities want to reduce congestion, clean the air, save energy,
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve neighborhoods, they should
charge the right price for curb parking, and spend the resulting
revenue to improve local public services.  

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

…Albert Einstein

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How to get from Chicago, IL to London, UK, according to Google maps


Pay attention to step 20. :)

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Modifying a BMW Z3

Greetings all

Does anyone have any idea as to modifying Bimmers?

FWIW, I have ’97 Z3 1.9 4cyl. It’s prob worth about $15K (Australian),
and I’m not in the position to upgrade to a newer car anytime soon, as
I’ll likely be going overseas in the next 2 years.

Also, sad as it sounds, I’ve had it since new & have a lot of memories
with the old girl, so whilst the most sensible thing would be to throw
another $10K at it & trade up to the 2.8 6cyl… i’ve started thinking
about keeping her, and may be modifying it.

Performance-wise, it’s a 136hp engine stock, so ideally I’d like to
get about 30% more power. Would this be achievable with simple mods
like a cold air intake, extractor/exhaust work, & ECU remapping?

I’m open to suggestions – I’ve read/heard a lot of differing
opinions on how much/little that can be done for this engine?

I’m not too keen on forced induction – I’ve believe there is a
supercharger kit for this engine – as it would create some insurance
hassles; but nonetheless may consider it

Handling wise I was interested in looking uprgrading the springs &
perhaps shock absorbers. I’d also like an opinion on the usefulness of
fitting sway bars/urethane bushes.

I’m not looking at taking the car to the track, just want it to handle
a bit better




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Hey Brent: Chicago pig caught on tape beating up hottie Russian bartender

Did you see the tape of the beating? What a douchebag. I have a weakness
for cute Russian blondes. It turns out that when that douchebag cop was
indicted, the Chicago PD harassed the media trying to get photos! Can
you believe that "honest cops" would side with a psycho woman beater?
And today on CNN the Chicago police commissioner blamed everything on
the cop having a few too many.


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Al "save the planet" Gore trades in his Lexus for TWO suv hybrids



One Hollywood celeb that is willing to sacrifice a wet bar and footrest
for the good of the planet is the Green Man himself, Al Gore. Gore, who
traded in his nuclear launch codes for a director’s swagger stick, has
also traded in his Lexus for a pair of Mercury Mariner Hybrid
sport-utes. He even rode one of Ford Motor Co.’s green machines to
Capitol Hill this week when he returned to show Congress Mother Earth’s
fever chart. Ford has also built a custom Mariner Hybrid for Gore’s
former boss, Bill Clinton, prompting one Dearborn insider to quip that
they’ve now outfitted the entire Clinton administration with
gas-electric hybrids.


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Damaged CA-1 stretch to re-open in Marin County

Hi All,

California State Route 1 (CA-1), the coastal route for the state, often has
its share of road closures.  Why?  It can usually be attributed to mud
slides, cracked roadway and unsafe, slick pavement.

As is the case in Marin County, CA-1 found itself closed near Stinson Beach.
The riute will re-open tomorrow after a lengthy closure.  KTVU has done an
excellent job of previewing the re-opening stretch:


For photos of State Route 1, ranging from Laguna Beach to Mendocino, look no
further than the collection at the Worldwide Highway Library (a Calrog.com




Carl Rogers
"Adding human experience to highway enthusiasm"
Calrog.com, http://www.calrog.com :
An integrated media arm in Turn-of-the-Century PC Development, International
Highway Research, and Interpersonal Psychology.  Has served your home
country and ninety-four of its worldwide neighbours since 2000, through
Internet downstream and published works.

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