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The insanity of Ford


All Ford workers will get bonuses
Those who took buyouts also get one

After a $12.7-billion loss last year and widespread buyout programs,
Ford Motor Co. tried to boost morale Thursday by announcing that
everyone would be getting a bonus.

The bonuses will be $500 for UAW workers and $300 to $800 for
nonmanagement salaried workers, and most will be paid out next
Thursday. Salaried managers will receive slightly higher bonuses.

As one who works for a tier 1 supplier in the Detroit area, this is
insanity.    I have little hope for my state and for the auto industry.

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Regarding Red Light Cameras – Why don't drivers just stop?.

Every stop light i’ve ever seen has a yellow plenty long for the driver to
get thru the intersection before the light turns red or else to stop.
Trouble is there are all these psychopathic drivers who see a light turn
yellow when they are still 10 car lengths from the intersection and think
they have some sort of "right" to get thru even though they could easily
stop. Then they are caught by an RLC and whine about how unfair the system

Red light runners kill and maim kids every day and belong in prison.

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stop signs

i like to eat my cereal with a stop sign.  i put the cereal in the
bathtub and scoop it with the stop sign.
i once caught my house on fire by making a jelly bean sandwich.

bob z.

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New highway photos from the American Mid-South

Hi All,

TheWorldwide Highway Library has just added new photographs of six US
Federal Routes from three states.  The states represented are Kentucky,
Tennessee and Missouri:




Carl Rogers
"Adding human experience to highway enthusiasm"
Calrog.com, http://www.calrog.com :
An integrated media arm in Turn-of-the-Century PC Development, International
Highway Research, and Interpersonal Psychology.  Has served your home
country and ninety-four of its worldwide neighbours since 2000, through
Internet downstream and published works.

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For Scott: State revokes trucker's driver's license

From fark.com…. Fark Headline: It only took 63 convictions, 23 license
suspensions and two fatal crashes before Maine decided not to let this guy
drive anymore


Hewitt, 34, of Caribou, pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter in the
crash, which caused the death of Tina Turcotte, 40, of Scarborough.

"The death caused by Mr. Hewitt was a needless tragedy, and it is my sincere
wish that he never get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle ever again, in
Maine or any other state," Dunlap said Wednesday in a statement.

Hewitt.s driving record, which included 63 convictions, 23 license suspensions
and a previous fatal crash, outraged many Mainers and prompted the Legislature
to crack down on motorists with suspended licenses who refuse to stop driving.

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Another "it's about the revenue" thread


Of course, there are certain posters here who would give city police
officers the benefit of the doubt because the force and individual
officers "believe" it’s really about safety …

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More proof 3,000 retards do themselves in on a monthly basis….

Ain’t it great when illiterate drivers are given driver’s licenses?

Similar problems seen at bus wreck site


By DANIEL YEE, Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA – Catherine Hartman is familiar with the concrete barrier
where a bus carrying a baseball team from a small Ohio college crashed
last week. Five years ago, she and her husband were in an accident at
the same spot after she mistook the exit ramp for a commuter lane.

Today, with her left knee still not healed from the 2002 accident, she
feels upset that more hasn’t been done to prevent accidents there.

"It really bothered both of us," she said of the Bluffton University
accident that killed seven. "In retrospect, we probably should have
done more as far as insisting they do something to correct the

Investigators said the driver of the Bluffton team bus also apparently
mistook that same exit ramp for a highway lane on March 2 and overshot
a stop sign at the top of the ramp. The bus slammed into the concrete
barrier, flipped and fell 30 feet onto the pavement below. Six people
were killed and 28 people were hospitalized. One of the injured died a
week later.

On Friday, Atlanta police released to The Associated Press through the
Georgia’s Open Records Act three reports on accidents at the
intersection of Interstate 75 and Northside Drive from 2002 to 2003,
all involving drivers who didn’t know they had left the I-75 high
occupancy vehicle lane. In all three, including in Hartman’s accident,
the drivers said they were confused by the exit or did not realize
they had left the highway.

Before the March 2 Bluffton University accident, the Georgia
Department of Transportation said there had been two deaths from seven
accidents involving that exit ramp in the last nine years.

"It’s horrible to categorize fatalities but two fatality accidents,
all involving motorists who ran stop signs, is not an inordinate
number over a 9-year-period," said spokesman David Spear. "I don’t
think it speaks to the design of the ramp or signalization of the

As a result, the Georgia transportation department has no plans to
close the ramp. But Spear said the agency is trying to "come up with
potential additions" to alert drivers, including additional signs or
traffic control devices.

Ask me about drunk driving for fun and profit!

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Re: Trucker with 63 convictions and 23 license suspensions and a fatal crash – KILLS AGAIN !!!!

"Docky Wocky" <mrch…@lst.net> wrote in news:9SBIh.221$Bi2.84@trnddc01:

>> ______________________________
> Gee. This is a great example of justice in the liberal Northeast.

> If the People’s Republic of Maine takes his license, he can always
> move his base of operations into the People’s Republic of Vermont, or
> the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, or the People’s Republic of
> New Hampshire, or the…well, you get the idea.

[garbage snip]

I wasn’t going to respond to your post but I feel compelled to throw in
my two-penny worth. First, your ignorance is appalling. People like seem
to have their heads shrouded in utter stupidity and ignorance. To you and
people like you, the enemies are the "liberals" – not the terrorists or
criminals like this trucker, Scott Hewitt. You are keen to jump on the
"liberals" while blindly condone criminal acts committed by your masters
George W. and Dickhead Evil-hearted Cheney.

I wouldn’t doubt that this piece of shit Scott Hewitt is a Republican,
a.k.a. "conservatives", Moron-by-Birth, Hypocrite-by-Choice.

FYI, I don’t consider myself a "liberal" or a "Dem". So, there choke on
your pretzels and die, asshole!

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An Odd Thing About Tires

90% of tires on the road are under inflated. How are yours? – from the
automotive section of www.odd-info.com

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A Thing About Tires

90% of tires on the road are under inflated. How are yours? – from the
automotive section of www.odd-info.com

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