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In article <t906r2lbjmq8bieev5rk0rfnsh6dm4h…@4ax.com>, Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> The other day, I saw a car with no front license plate. However, in an
> effort to comply with the law, the owner had taken a bunch of those
> vinyl stick-on letters and numbers and used them to form his vehicle
> license number directly on his front bumper. Yes, the letters and
> numbers on the front matched the (real) license plate mounted on the
> back.

There might be some detail in the state vehicle code that considers that
acceptable. After all, I’ve seen this sort of thing for years in
pictures of cars registered in the UK.


I have never been sure if those number ‘plates’ are painted on, or are
decals or something else. They clearly aren’t stamped steel plates
riveted to the bonnet.  

> My question is, What Would Jaybird Do if he saw this car? Would he
> ticket the driver for not having a front plate (since he doesn’t)? Or
> would he let it slide, since he is in compliance with the spirit of
> the law if not the exact letter?

My guess is even if was legal, a cop wouldn’t know it and would ticket it
if he was bored enough to bother in the first place.

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Mazda Miata NA

Hi! I’m looking to purchase a 1990 thru 1997 Mazda Miata. Running
condition not important. Body must be presentable with only minor
flaws/dents. Top and frame need to be present and top should at least
keep out the elements. I will be paying cash. Serious replies with
contact number that actually gets answered, please!

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More mechanic frustration.

I’m still working on the Corrado…  trying to remove the supercharger,
STILL.  Apparently whoever had it out last did not believe in either
anti-seize paste or torque wrenches.  I still have one more bolt to
remove, which I can’t get out with a box wrench and I don’t have access
to it with a socket without removing the oil filter.  So I had to go out
and buy a drain pan this AM, since the garage isn’t quite fully
operational yet.  Grr.

One of the long standing complaints the girlie has had with the car is
that the battery goes dead if the car sits for more than a couple of
days.  Since I had the alternator out in an attempt to remove the
supercharger without removing the problematic bracket mentioned above, I
figured since I had to go to the parts store anyway I’d just take the
alternator and have it spun up on the tester.  The guy informed me that
the alternator had a bad diode.

Apparently TWO mechanics have looked at this car for this issue as well,
and apparently never bothered to actually check the alternator.

Now the girlie is all pissed off at the car, and wants a new car (that
she really can’t afford.)  Her point is that she’s put all this money
into it over the last couple years and now I’m telling her about all
these issues that need to be fixed, which will cost her even more money.
  But if she’d been taking it to a decent mechanic to begin with all of
these issues would have been fixed and then she wouldn’t be spending any
money at all right now!  The problem is that she’s been taking the car
to what is a highly regarded local VW specialty shop, so this is hardly
her fault.


replace "fly" with "com" to reply.

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Scientific American article on Ethanol

Some interesting points.

1.Ethanol is so cheap in Brazil because they use sugarcane which
produces far more ethanol per pound than corn.  America’s climate will
not let it grow sugar cane.

2. A gallon of ethanol only has 2/3 the nrg of a gallon of gas.

3.  Unlike  gas,ethanol will bind to water and be ruined as a fuel.
This means ethanol must be shipped by truck (expensive) as opposed to
pipelines ( cheap).

4. Ethanol will not really make economic sense until a way is found to
turn not just the corn kernels, but also the cornstalks into ethanol.

Overall the article was pretty negative on ethanol use in america.  As
i’ve said before, the answer is smaller cars and lower speeds.  That
won’t cost a thing; in fact it will money.

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GEICO: the most unfunny ads ever

Those trying-hard-to-be-funny cavemen and dancing midget ads made me
really hate geico. On the other hadn, State Farm’s ads are pretty
good–they are serious ads about collisions and auto insurance, not
about Neanderthals or gekkos for fucks sake!

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Re: Alert! Terrists stole 100 pounds of RDX hidden in bananas!!!

Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> "Ed Zagmoon" <spartan_i…@yahoo.com> said in
> misc.transport.urban-transit:

>> I heard that Al Qaeda raghead terrorists have stolen 100 pounds
>> of RDX which is hidden in bananas!

>> PLEASE tell the cops! They must arrest anyone who has one
>> or more bananas! These bananas COULD be full of RDX!

>> Alert!

> That would have to be one BIG bunch of bananas if an Acura SUV was
> hidden inside…

I wonder if there was anything about them driving a Scion on U.S.
Federal highways.

Take care,

God bless the USA

I used to play on the piano…until I fell off and got hurt.

                                          –my dad

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Hey, Scott en Aztlan…..

Don’t start slobbering all over yourself….  ;)



Official Overseer Of Kooks And Trolls In rec.autos.driving

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OT : robots for Dave Head

Robot nurses ready for wards ‘in three years’

Robot nurses could be bustling around hospital wards in as little as three

The mechanised "angels" being developed by EU-funded scientists, will perform
basic tasks such as mopping up spillages, taking messages, and guiding visitors
to hospital beds.

They could also distribute medicines and even monitor the temperature of
patients remotely with laser thermometers.

I’ll keep you posted.

They forgot to say they’re computer automated btw !


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Arrest Mother Nature for Attempted Murder!

Proof that movement is NOT required for a collision.  Chunk of ice
falls off roof of Oklahoma business, crushing a car.  Driver barely
escapes with his life.

AJ should get a kick out of the subject line.

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Trucker gets life w/o parole in deaths of 19 illegals


Driver gets life in prison for smuggling deaths
19 illegal immigrants died in nation’s deadliest human trafficking

Updated: 4:09 p.m. MT Jan 18, 2007

HOUSTON – A truck driver was sentenced to life in prison Thursday,
avoiding a death sentence for his role in the United States’ deadliest
human smuggling attempt in which 19 illegal immigrants died from
dehydration and suffocation inside an overheated tractor-trailer.

Tyrone Williams, 36, was convicted last month on 58 counts of
conspiracy, harboring and transporting immigrants.

A jury deliberated for 5 1/2 days before sentencing Williams, himself
an immigrant from Jamaica.

Williams was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of
parole for each of the 19 counts of transporting the illegal immigrants
who died. U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal will sentence Williams on
Aug. 23 for the remaining 38 counts of harboring and transporting
immigrants and for the conspiracy count. The maximum sentence for the
conspiracy count is life in prison.

Williams looked down as the verdict was read and gave no visible
reaction. His attorney, former U.S. Rep. Craig Washington, wept and
wiped his eyes with a tissue.

Prosecutor Daniel Rodriguez looked grim after the sentence was
announced as his boss, U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle, spoke to

"We did everything we could to impose a sentence of death. Nineteen
life sentences is not something to be disappointed about," DeGabrielle
said. "One human being had the chance to let those people out. That was
Tyrone Williams."

In May 2003, Williams’ tractor-trailer was packed with more than 70
immigrants from Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic. As
temperatures skyrocketed inside the airtight refrigerator truck, the
immigrants kicked walls, clawed at insulation, broke out taillights and
screamed for help.


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