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What's the neatest car ……….

You’ve ever ridden in?

For me:

riding in a 1968 Ferrari 305 GT Dino.  My friend still owns it and would let
me drive it, but I think I’d be too nervous to have fun or drive it safely.
BTW, it rides like a sled.

driving:  too many to list, I was a valet parker in Las Vegas for 13 years,
but if I had to pick just one, the Beatle’s psychedelic Bentley, after they
sold it to a local neurosurgeon

owned:  easy, a 1956 Chevy Nomad with a souped up 283 and a four speed.


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Traveled about 1,800 miles in the past 10 days and I observed these
various drivers/areas. (Before anyone goes off the deep end, my average
speed was 68.76 and top was 91.55 per Lowrance). I-26 fast and good
drivers. Kept up with traffic flow, about 80-85. I-40 left lane cruisers
at 60-65. Knoxville, TN worst drivers noted on trip. Nashville, TN
excessive speed, 90+ by some drivers cutting in and out of heavy
traffic. License plate=SC fast, TN faster, VA blockers, NC left lane
cruisers, IL about 5-10 mph over posted plus left lane cruisers, KY too
much bourbon, erratic, IN must be the neo-nazis on the roads, saw PU
throwing beer cans out of driver’s window.

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List of regions / Liste des régions

Hi All, Salut Francophones,

Listed below are all the countries and regions that the Worldwide Highway
Library covers.  Each link automatically guides the visitor onto his or her
region-of-interest.  Feel free to provide these hyperlinks to a specific
audience, or create personal bookmarks should you wish!  An updated list
will be provided to Usenet every year at the end of December.

Voici une liste des régions et pays qui la Worldwide Highway Library a fait
ses recherches.  Chaque mot inscrit guide automatiquement le visiteur au
pays raison.    Si vous voudriez donner ces hyperlinks à un auditoire
spécifique, ou pour votre référence personelle, s’il vous plaît procédez!
Une mise-du-jour pour cette liste aurait disponible a l’usenet prochain

http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#can Canada
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ab –Alberta
     http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#bc –British Columbia
     http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#on –Ontario
     http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#qc –Québec
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#cn China (People’s
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#sh –Shanghai
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#tw China (Republic)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ch Confoderatio Helvetica
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#cz Czech Republic
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#de Deutschland
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#fr France
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ah –Alpes-de-Ht-Prov
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#hs –Haute-Savoie
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ha –Hautes-Alpes
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#isre –Isère
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#mb –Mont Blanc
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#sa –Savoie
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#tc –Tresserve
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#is Iceland
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html Ireland
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#isr Israel
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#it Italia
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#lig –Liguria
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#mb –Monte Bianco
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#pi –Piemonte
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#jp Japan (Nippon)
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#li Liechtenstein
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#pl Poland
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#mx México
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#bcn –Baja California
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#sn –Sonora
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#mc Monaco
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html United Kingdom
http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html United States
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#az –Arizona
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ca –California
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#co –Colorado
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ct –Connecticut
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#fl –Florida
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#id –Idaho
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#il –Illinois
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ky –Kentucky
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#md –Maryland
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ma –Massachusetts
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#mi –Michigan
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#mt –Montana
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ne –Nebraska
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#nv –Nevada
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#nh –New Hampshire
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#nj –New Jersey
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#nm –New Mexico
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ny –New York
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#oh –Ohio
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#or –Oregon
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#pa –Pennsylvania
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ri –Rhode Island
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#ut –Utah
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#vt –Vermont
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#va –Virginia
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#wa –Washington
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#wv –West Virginia
    http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com/repository.html#wi –Wisconsin

Cheers, Cordialement,

Carl Rogers
"Adding human experience to highway enthusiasm"
Calrog.com, http://www.calrog.com :
An integrated media arm in Turn-of-the-Century PC Development, International
Highway Research, and Interpersonal Psychology.  Has served your home
country and ninety-four of its worldwide neighbours since 2000, through
Internet downstream and published works.

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- — -

On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 23:17:31 GMT, \/\/…@True.edu wrote:
>Titusville Police had been looking for Tyrone Davis, a typical nigger,
>for weeks. The 31-year-fecal colored parasite has robbed two city
>convenience stores in the past two weeks. In both instances, Tyrone
>grabbed cash from store clerks and took French Leave.

>Police learned Tyrone was pulling the same shit again this evening,
>when he broke into the apartment of a 41-year-old woman in the 1,000
>block of Kennedy Way, beat the piss out of the lady and then stole her
>1992 Dodge Shadow. When the woman called 9-1-1, detectives of the
>Titusville Police Department responded and quickly spotted Tyrone as
>he was boogie jerking north on Deleon Avenue.

>As the chase grew more furious, police said Tyrone, who like all
>niggers drives like a dog with two pricks, crashed the car into a
>Garden Street curb, blew out the tires, and then tried to escape on
>foot. Just when the detectives were about to grab him black ass, the
>knife-carrying shitskinned savage tried to car-jack a Saab sedan,
>which was stopped at the intersection of Garden Street and Norwood

>"An ol’ broad in the car saw a nigga coming and quickly locked the
>doors," said Todd Hutchinson of the Titusville Police Department.
>Tyrone didn’t give up. "She peeled out with Tyrone clinging to the
>side of her car," Hutchinson said. As passers-by looked on laughing
>their asses off, Tyrone stuck to the car like a dingleberry for
>several blocks before the ol’ gal pulled into the parking lot of a
>convenience store, where an officer tackled him and beat his balls

These negroes, average IQ 85, are dangerous but very stupid.


http://www.newnation.com/index2.html   New Nation News

- — -

>"His ass was dragging when he was hung on the car. Too bad the nasty
>nigger wasn’t killed," Hutchinson said. Naturally being a typical
>nigger, Tyrone has an extensive criminal history and is now being
>caged in the Concrete Cong without bond. The nigger earns its name
>every day.

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Re: I Exasperated a MFFY Today

- — -

Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> MFFY bitch in a red pickup truck is waiting to turn out of a shopping
> center driveway onto a busy 50 MPH road. I’m in the right lane on said
> road. There is a fairly sizeable gap between me and the car in front,
> but not large enough for Mizz MFFY and her underpowered 4-cylinder
> econotruck to pull out safely. As I approach at 50 MPH and she
> realizes I’m not going to slow down and let her in front of me, she
> raises her hands in a gesture of exasperation – as if I had somehow
> done something wrong!

> OBTW, I noticed you were able to pull into traffic immediately after I
> passed by – WTF were you so pissed off about?!?!?!? Could it be that
> you weren’t upset about having to wait so much as you were pissed off
> that I did not acceed to your every whim?

> Gee, sorry I ruined your day, sweetheart! :rolleyes:

I betch she was using her turn signals, perhaps the only time that day.
 Some drivers mistakenly think: "I’m signaling, so you have to let me
in".  Wrong-a-mundo!

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Re: Lots of "Courteous" Drivers Out Today – SHEESH!

In article <daebp259set36siiac85mbm4r6amiv7…@4ax.com>, Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> If I seem unappreciative of these peoples’ "kindness," it’s because I
> am. These people may get an A grade for having their hearts in the
> right place, but they get an F for not using their brains. Stick to
> the rules of the road, and drive in a predictable manner – don’t
> surprise everyone by stopping suddenly out of "courtesy." Not only is
> stopping decidedly DIScourteous to everyone stuck behind you, it
> creates a dangerous situation where your moves are now somewhat
> UNpredictable. And unpredictability is what causes "accidents."

Riding a bicycle in traffic really encourages the sort of behavior you
noticed. It is also much more dangerous as well.

Courtsey is following the rules of right of way and being predictable.

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OT: Song dedication

I would like to dedicate the song "Let Him Dangle," by Elvis Costello
(See: http://tinyurl.com/yk95xy for the lyrics) to the deposed Iraqi
dictator Saddam Hussein on this wonderful evening (or morning over
there; could you say that it is "morning in Iraq," with this execution?)
of his apparently immenent execution.

Come to think of it, we could also dedicate this song to our own
resident SADDAM aswell.

Aunt Judy defends a known *drunk driver*:

"Almost all  vehicle ‘accidents’ are due to driver
recklessness but the Chappaquidick incident is one
instance where it may really have been no ones
fault except the idiot who built the bridge."
–"Laura Bush murdered her boyfriend," 11/10/2005
Ref: http://tinyurl.com/9jtjt
Msg ID: 1131599968.267321.318…@o13g2000cwo.googlegroups.com

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Does auto liability insurance cover you if your driving CRIME injures someone?

I’ve never been in that situation myself, but i suppose it does. If
you’re  for example, DUI and smash into and  cripple someone, your
insurance company will pay the victim for the consequences of your
crime, right?. And yet i thought insurance companies weren’t allowed to
 offer liability for criminal activites.  Can you buy insurance to
cover you in the event you rape some woman and she sues you?

Serious only, please.

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Re: WTF?

Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> Today in this newsgroup there are most posts arguing about the date of
> Hawaiian statehood than there are about DRIVING. What’s up wiff dat?

I guess that’s what happens when you have arrogant Yurrupeons who are
ignorant of US history chiming in with their uninformed opinions.


replace "fly" with "com" to reply.

Posted via a free Usenet account from http://www.teranews.com

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Re: Hawaiian Roadgeek Video

In article <g163p2p3aiaeogkq01b6all37ir9k5q…@4ax.com>, Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> Bitter cold getting you down? Then let the warm trade winds waft
> gently through your hair as you take a little road trip up Maui’s west
> coast on HI State Routes 30 and 31. The climax of the video is a trip
> through the famous Olowalu tunnel, the oldest automobile tunnel in
> Hawaii.

> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=23528330529577559&hl=en

Looks familiar… was hoping it would have covered the section of 30 that
biked along in Lahaina, but alas it did not. Although I avoided riding 30
as much as I could prefering the side streets closer to the water when I
could find them.

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