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Same crime Laura Bush committed and nothing was done to her.


A father wants the toughest sentence possible for the woman who killed
his daughter–a 22-year-old senior at Northwestern College– in a car

Last update: October 25, 2006 – 10:42 PM

A Robbinsdale woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to speeding through a
stop sign and killing a 22-year-old college student in another

The victim’s father said the driver, Tywaun E. Taylor, should be
punished as severely as possible.

"She has no regard for anyone but herself," James McLoughlin said.

His daughter, Jennifer McLoughlin, of Newton, N.J., was killed on Oct.
18, 2005. The crash occurred about 10 a.m. at 42nd and Washburn
Avenues N. in Minneapolis.

Taylor, 26, told Hennepin County District Judge Tony Leung that she
didn’t remember how fast she was driving, but agreed it would have
been about 50 miles per hour, 20 miles above the speed limit.

Taylor said that before the accident, she and the father of her
daughter argued and she was assaulted. He drove away and Taylor
followed him.


James McLoughlin emphasized that Taylor was speeding through a
residential neighborhood.

"This is worse than if she’d been drinking and doing drugs," he said.
"She has a total disregard of the law and doesn’t give a rip about
anyone but herself."


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police with quota ticket mayor, police officer face charges.

via fark.com…


The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office is expected to decide this week
whether to file charges against several Rochester police officers, who
allegedly misused a police database.


In August, the Rochester Police Department asked the Sheriff’s Office to
investigate officers who officials say might have used the database
illegally during traffic stops of Rochester Mayor David Katulic.

In June, during one of those stops, Katulic was arrested on a warrant
that stemmed from an unpaid traffic ticket out of Shelby Township.


He said Katulic was stopped five times and each stop was because of a
broken headlight. And because the city has a ticket quota — an issue
that has caused much static between the officers and police and city
administration in recent months — Harper said equipment violations make
for easy stops.

"When you go through your shift, you look for anything and everything,"
Harper said, adding that officers have to average three traffic stops and
1.5 tickets during an 8-hour shift. "He was a highly visible target."


But Ed Jacques, director of member services for the Police Officers
Association of Michigan, said he disagrees. He said all of the actions
the city and police administration took have been deliberate.

"There is no question that the investigation is 100% retaliatory,"
Jacques said.

He said the officers had the right to acquire background information
during the traffic stops.

"The mayor had warrants out for his arrest. The officer arrested him. Why
is he any different than some other criminal that’s got a warrant out for
his arrest?" Jacques said.


Clearly there are supposed to be two classes, the elites the cops serve
and the rest of us. Cops who treat those who see themselves as elites and
have some power as the rest of us will face displinary actions and
criminal charges.

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For eeyore… UK world-leader in surveilance of citizens


Human beings may be forced to be ‘microchipped’ like pet dogs, a shocking
official report into the rise of the Big Brother state has warned.


The report, drawn up by a team of respected academics, claims that
Britain is a world-leader in the use of surveillance technology and its
citizens the most spied-upon in the free world.

It paints a frightening picture of what Britain might be like in ten
years time unless steps are taken to regulate the use of CCTV and other
spy technologies.

The reports editors Dr David Murakami Wood, managing editor of the
journal Surveillance and Society and Dr Kirstie Ball, an Open University
lecturer in Organisation Studies, claim that by 2016 our almost every
movement, purchase and communication could be monitored by a complex
network of interlinking surveillance technologies.


The authors also highlight the Government’s huge enthusiasm for CCTV,
pointing out that during the 1990s the Home Office spent 78 per cent of
its crime prevention budget – a total of £500 million – on installing the

There are now 4.2 million CCTV cameras in Britain and the average Briton
is caught on camera an astonishing 300 times every day.


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Rouen-Alençon, France: Contrôlé à 207km/h sur l'A28 (français/English)

Salut Francophones, Hi All,

C’était ettonant!  Pendant la semaine dernière, une personne a
conduit 207 km/h sur Autoroute 28 à près de Orne quand le loi lit 130
km/h.  Le conducteur belge a conduit de son pays ou à sa destination
française–je ne sais pas.  Bien sûr, il était vitesse avec sa

(Autoroute 28/Rouen-Alençon @ Google Maps France:

Simply amazing!  A Belgian motorist was pulled over on Autoroute 28, a
toll-route in northwestern France, for going 207 km/h (128 MPH) in a
130 km/h (86 MPH) zone.  He was either coming from his home country to
visit, or on his way back home–I’m not certain.  For sure, he was in a
hurry to get to his destination.  Not surprisingly, his automobile was

http://tinyurl.com/ymkwkh (La Tribune, "Contrôlé à 207km/h sur

Un conducteur belge a été flashé à 207km/h samedi après-midi sur
l"autoroute A28, dans le sens Rouen-Alençon (Orne), a-t-on appris
lundi auprès des gendarmes. L’automobiliste, au volant d’une BMW,
s’est vu confisquer son véhicule. Il a aussi dû payer une amende de
750 euros.

Ce "score" de 207km/h, c’est 77km/h au-dessus de la vitesse maximale
autorisée. Le chauffard est donc convoqué devant le tribunal
correctionnel d’Argentan (Orne) en novembre prochain. Pour ce délit de
grande vitesse, il encourt jusqu’à trois ans de suspension de son
permis de conduire.


Cordialement, Cheers,

Calrog.com, Pictures of Highway Shields:  http://hwy-shields.calrog.com

Videos of Worldwide Highways:  http://worldwide-hwys.calrog.com
Concise, Sampled RSS Edition:
Highway Shield & Travel Literature: http://www.lulu.com/calrog-bookstore

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Re: video: European drivers vs concrete pillar

Stephane Dumas wrote:
> I spotted this funny video of drivers trying to beat the retractable
> concerte-reinforced pillars at
> http://www.autoblog.com/2006/10/30/video-european-drivers-vs-concrete…

> Stéphane Dumas

ROTFL!  If Europeans are that stupid, I’d love to see the Darwin
attempts by my fellow Americans.

Forwarded to r.a.d. for entertainment of those folks as well. (PING:
Scott en Aztlan, necromancer, Brent…)  WWAJD?

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A case of pedal error caught on video


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Re: Driverless Truck Drives in Circles

Built Ford Tough!

I don’t think I’d be the one who tried to get in and stop it.  It’s going
fast enough that if you missed you’d be likely to get run over and then be
nominated for a Darwin award.  I’m suprised they didn’t empty a few clips in
it though.  Good shootings are hard to find in Irvine.


"Scott en Aztlán" <scottenazt…@yahoo.com> wrote in message

- — -

> Be sure and follow the link and watch the video: what you’ll see is a
> bunch of cops standing around, watching this pickup truck driving
> around in reverse circles. It appears they just let it go until the it
> ran out of gas. Meanwhile, they have a busy street in a business
> district completely blocked off. WTF didn’t one of them just walk up
> to the truck, hop in, and shut the damn ignition off? For that matter,
> why didn’t the fucktard owner of the truck do it, without involving
> the cops at all?

> http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/homepage/abox/article_1339435.php

> Driverless truck circles Irvine streets
> Irvine Police deploy spike strip to halt the circuitous route of
> riderless vehicle today.
> The Orange County Register
> IRVINE – A driverless pick-up truck circled Irvine streets in reverse
> today shortly after 3 p.m. before Irvine police deployed a spike strip
> to bring the vehicle to a stop.

> The 1970 Ford F-150 was locked in a tight backward oval near the
> corner of Von Karman Avenue and Alton Parkway, Irvine police Lt. Rick
> Handfield said.

> The driver, a 55-year-old male from Santa Ana, had pulled over to
> inspect a load of cardboard that he believed got loose prior to the
> incident. While out of the vehicle, the truck’s reverse gear engaged
> sending it into a perpetual backward flight.

> There were no injuries or property damage reported.

> "Thanks to the engineering of that truck’s front end, it just stayed
> in a circle the whole time," Handfield said.
> —
> I’m a wreckless driver and damn proud of it!

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A scenario

Traffic is bumper to bumper during the morning rush hour on the 3 lane
expressway into a city near you. Half a mile ahead, one of the lanes is
blocked; perhaps for an accident, perhaps road work — it doesn’t really
matter. Whatever the reason, it is block and all of the cars in the
right lane must now merge with traffic in the centre lane.

But traffic is bumper to bumper…

There is no space sufficient to let any of the cars in the right hand
lane in.

I guess, according to many you you here, all those who try and enter the
centre lane anyway are just MFFYs, right?

And anyone who lets them is a JLEDI appeaser and will forever after be
everyone’s "bitch", right?

Because competent drivers never need anyone to make space for them to
enter another lane, right?

‘It is Mac OS X, not BSD.’ — ‘From Mac OS to BSD Unix.’
"It’s BSD Unix with Apple’s APIs and GUI on top of it’ — ‘nothing but BSD Unix’
(Edwin on Mac OS X)

‘[The IBM PC] could boot multiple OS, such as DOS, C/PM, GEM, etc.’ —
‘I claimed nothing about GEM other than it was available software for the
IBM PC. (Edwin on GEM)

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Do You Hate SUV Drivers?

Ladies and Gentlemen (and I use those words loosely), Scott en Aztlán
said in rec.autos.driving:

- — -

> [Click the link for the full text.]

> http://www.lewrockwell.com/decoster/decoster70.html

> I Hate SUV Haters

> by Karen De Coster

> Tom Purcell, of MensNewsDaily, writes about a new book called High and
> Mighty: SUVs, the World’s Most Dangerous Vehicles and How They Got
> That Way, by Keith bradsher. Er, the title speaks for itself, both in
> the manic sense as well as politically. Purcell zeroes in on an
> empty-headed quote from the book that describes people who drive SUVs:
> "They tend to be people who are insecure and vain. They are frequently
> nervous about their marriages and uncomfortable about parenthood. They
> often lack confidence in their driving skills. Above all, they are apt
> to be self-centered and self-absorbed, with little interest in their
> neighbors or communities."


> Meanwhile, for those don?t like the SUV lifestyle and attitude, the
> glorious free market gives them the choice of remaining the meek,
> little milquetoasts that they are.

So what does all that have to do with the SUV itself?

F orever
B enefitting
I slam

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MFFY and assault with a deadly weapon

A couple days ago I was driving down a state road.  Speed limit is 55.
There was a minivan in front that was doing about 40MPh.  So when I
could, I passed him.  As soon as I pulled out I realized the issue was
the idiot in front of him.  Well, I could have passed both, but I
chose to merge between them instead, as there was plenty of room.  I
waited for oncoming traffic to get there, and to then clear.  Idiot is
still doing no more than 45.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Once traffic cleared, I then moved out to pass the idiot.  Mind you,
idiot is driving one of those small Ranger type pick up trucks, loaded
with all kinds of construction equipment.  Surprisingly, idiot somehow
manages to make it accelerate as I pass.  

Assault with a deadly weapon…

Well, there is traffic coming the other way, so I just give it a
little more gas.  I still have not even down shifted.  I move in front
of idiot, now doing about 60 to 65.

Idiot decides to flash his lights and flip me off.  Well, there must
be something wrong with my brake lights, because I see him lock up his
brakes, and I watch as he spills the coffee he has in one hand, all
over himself.  I watch as he yells, curses, and genuinely has a bad
day.  I watch as idiot’s boyfriend grabs something to try to help
idiot stop the burning sensation.

It was quite enjoyable.

Now, that would be the end of it, but idiot decides to now try to
"catch me" as I am ahead of him doing about 60.  I laugh as I see his
truck inch closer to me, from about 5 car lengths back to about 4.5
car lengths back.  I give it a little more gas, and get up to about
61.  Idiot seems to be upset, as he can’t get any closer, and so I
figure something must be wrong.  I then pull out the cell phone and
call the local police, or at least what we pretend is the police.
They don’t actually ever do anything worthwhile.

A couple miles down the road, idiot signals, comes to a stop in the
middle of the road, and flashes his lights as he is about to turn.  I
signal to him that I see him, and tell him to have a great day.  Just
before a semi rear ends him he manages to move out of the way.

Such an enjoyable time for all.  Maybe I will luck out and see him
again.  If so, I can ask him how much it cost to have the skin
repaired on his tiny little dick from the coffee burns.

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