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New Picture Ferrari 599 GTB 2007

New Picture Ferrari 599 GTB 2007


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New Picture Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2006

New Picture Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2006


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Kinda long but the ending is worth the wait. Enjoy…

A couple of Canadian red necks get into some road rage with a rich guy in a
BMW Z4. Don’t judge a book by its cover, just cause he drives a nice car
doesn’t mean he’s soft.


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Coming back from cutting wood with a load yesterday.  Plugging along at
50 in a ‘flow’ of 65 on a 2 lane highway.  I can get about 15 mpg doing
that vice around 9 at 65 and on a fixed income…  Anyhow, I keep an
eye on the mirrors and always pull onto the shoulder which is almost a
full lane wide when traffic approaches.

Yesterday I see this string of traffic coming, 6 cars and an 18
wheeler, led by a very new looking SUV.  They come up on me very slowly
(estimate at about 55).  I pull over to let them by and wonder if Mr
SUV will get a clue.  Not a chance.  He was still leading the parade
and collecting vehicles when I last saw him several miles later.

Harry K

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Practice Profiling Muslims

Profiling people at airports? Lets play "Spot the Muslim/Terrorist"
shall we?

Here’s a photo of one of Iran’s top soccer stars – would you be able to

pick him out as a "Muslim" and therefore a potential terrorist who
should be profiled?

Here’s another Muslim – would you be able to spot him?

This fellow would obviously be entitled to a free pass:

How about this fellow – oh he must REALLY be one of them sneaky
muslims, what with those dark swarthy looks. Why, he’s even wearing

Course, this fellow is arguably swarthy, but that’s because his father
is Jamaican ( you know, Axis of Evil Jamaica?)

How about this fellow – no problem letting him on board the airplane,
since he’s neither a Muslim nor particularly swarthy
(Carlos the Jackal, FYI)

Hmm… Turbans, Beards, funny religious practices. Oh my! These fellows

should DEFINITELY be singled out!

And this guy – a Christian fellow named George. Nah, can’t be a
terrorist. Let him on board without a second glance.

Oh wait – what about this guy. Why, with all that red hair, he’s
obviously Irish!

Yes  the sooner we stick to profiling them suspiciously swarthy
"Muslim" people the safer we’ll all be. Amen.

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Rear Ended on Freeway

I was driving along the freeway with the speed limit at 70 mph, and I
was going about that fast. The lady in front of me slammed on her
brakes HARD. It was so hard that by the time I hit her car I couldn’t
see it because of all the smoke from her tires. I was maintaining a
safe following distance (3 seconds), but it was still not enough time
for me to stop my car. The officer claimed it was my fault because I
didn’t give her enough room. I don’t think I should have to pay for the
extensive damage on my car. Any thoughts from anyone?

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So you think big trucks are great ?

Just for your amusement !



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Re: The MFFYs Were Out in Force Today

Scott en Aztlán wrote:
>>stuff about park and ride.<<

I’m going to go out and look for pigs with wings in the sky.
I know they are up there.
Because I agree with Scott on something…..  ;<)

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Airport Security Question

In a Nutshell, are the additional searches before boarding airplanes
really "randomized" or are they criminal/racial profiling?


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Senior tradition = 6-car crash by school

This happened in Memphis, MO (pop. 2000+), senior chase tradition on
first day of school.
Apparently they have also had that tradition on the last day of school
as well.  One cop resigns, chief suspended.
Having been a graduate of a conference rival high school, I’d laugh if
the entire student body AND the police force ended up behind bars!

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