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Re: Driving Too Fast For Conditions

> Scott en Aztlán said in rec.autos.driving:
> http://ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/rednecksurfing.html

Another Darwin Award in the making….  

‘And then we wonder why the UFO’s won’t
 stop by and say hello…"
                      –George Carlin

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Way to go, Mensas….

The short of it: a couple of rednecks drive onto the beach to pickup
their jet-ski and their truck gets caught up in the rising tide.


There is also a video link showing this pick-up trying to escape mother

"Well, if crime fighters fight crime and
 fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom
 fighters fight?"
                         –George Carlin

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Another idiot

While cruising down I-25 yesterday, another idiot in a truck (this time
a pickup) changed lanes only feet in front of me – probably about 5 feet
– while I was about to pass him – yes, I was speeding – about 3 miles
over the limit of 75 and he was doing about 5 less than I was.  (yeah, I
know 78 in a 75 is slow, but I was passing people and there was no
traffic stacked up behind me).

I’m sure this is yet another example of my incompetence (that’s sarcasm,

How fucking difficult is it to look before you change lanes?

When will we prevent people who can’t even think to do that from getting
behind the wheel in the first place?

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Re: The PCH: Serpentine Devourer Of Celebrity Drunkards

On Sat, 05 Aug 2006 18:47:26 +0000, off the wagon

<fell…@thewagon.off> wrote:
>Filled with blind spots and hairpin curves wrapped around some of the
>most beautifully distracting scenery in the country, the PCH has been
>called an accident waiting to happen.

There are no blind spots or hairpin turns within fifty miles of where
Gibson had his fun, the bad stuff is way north of Santa Barbara around
Hearst Castle, anything at all challenging is past Zuma, about ten
miles north.

And it’s not "the PCH", it’s just PCH.

Now, some of the roads that leave PCH and go up into the hills are
twisty passages, all different, but that’s another story.


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Hey jaybird, how are you going to interpet this one.


Police dog killed by Cicero cop

August 5, 2006

BY LISA DONOVAN Staff Reporter

There was a chase, then a suspect cornered, and, when it was all over
Friday, a revered Countryside police dog was dead, at the hands of a
police officer. But precisely how the incident unfolded remains in question.

Dago (pronounced dah-GO) who belonged to Countryside police, was killed
by a Cicero police officer who says he was attacked by the German
shepherd and fired the fatal shots.

Now an investigation is under way by both departments.

Countryside Police Chief Timothy Swanson said he’s upset not only over
the loss, but at the lack of condolences from Cicero officials.

About 4 a.m. Friday, Cicero police attempted to pull over a van. The
driver then tossed something out of the window. The chase was on. The
driver led police into neighboring Berwyn, where he fled on foot.

A radio request for backup went out. Countryside officer Joseph DiGangi
and partner Dago responded.

Police had found a man hiding beneath a car in the area. Officers ordered
him to come out, but he didn’t comply. So DiGangi announced the dog was
coming in after him, Countryside’s chief said.

"The canine officer announced, very loudly, as they’re trained — three
times — so the officers can clear out," said Swanson.

As officers surrounded the car, guns drawn, the dog was released.

As the dog rounded the vehicle, two shots rang out.

Cicero police spokesman Dan Proft said his officer was attacked and
bitten in in the gun hand.

Four-year veteran Paul Laslie fired one shot accidentally, hitting the
dog; the dog recoiled, but came after him again and Laslie fired in
self-defense, Proft said.

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Does eye-hand-coordination affect you ability to drive?

I think it is pretty easy to drive a small car under 100 mphs. but
after that you really need good coordination. I assume driving a large
truck would require good coordination. Coordination seems to be how
well you can judge where you are in relation to your environment. The
faster you are moving or object is moving the harder it becomes. people
with bad coordination seem to process this information slowly and get
in trouble.

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Do you report bad driving to that number?

I always write the information down and them know i am reporting them .

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Re: A New Public Service Announcement

Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> http://video.tinypic.com/player.php?v=23u26td

Irony alert.  Code Red.

- gpsman

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Another Idiot Motorcylist Crashes

Moron loses control of bike and crashes into a van, blowing it up.

Unfortunately, the idiot survives.

And what happens??

He resists arrest.

Why don’t we just declare open season on you assholes.

Does stringing a line across the street still work?


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Would you like this law? – Manatory life in prison for DUIs who kill kids?

How can anyone but a criminal coddler argue with that.?  Hell  -
people get 20 years for just looking at child porn without ever
harming a kid!!.  Surely then a child-KILLER should pay  the ultimate

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