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Woman Pulls Sword In Spat Over Parking Spot


Woman Pulls Sword In Spat Over Parking Spot

UPDATED: 3:32 pm EDT May 8, 2006

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An argument over a parking place outside a
Florida Wal-Mart store erupted in a sword attack and landed a
46-year-old woman in jail, according to police.

Sharlott Till is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
for allegedly threatening women in another car with a 27-inch sword
hidden inside her walking cane.

Police said Till and her husband were waiting to pull into a parking
space at a Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon, when another car drove around
them. According to the arrest report, Till approached a woman and her
daughter in the other car and they exchanged profane words.

Witnesses told police that Till produced the sword and began swinging
it around. She later told police she is trained in the use of a sword
and was only attempting to scare the other driver.

Till’s husband told police he didn’t see the sword even though he was
standing just feet away from the confrontation.

No one was hurt in the incident

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Do HEMIs really work?

I mean, are they more economical than regular V8s of same size?

(My guess is that they’re not providing any significant fuel savings,
and that the added complexity will lead to lots of problems in the
years to come).

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My Thoughts On Road Rage

Road rage in general is a waste of energy and idiotic, and displays a
bratty personality; like a child who wants their toy NOW. If someone is
in such a big hurry, leave the house earlier. Honking the horn like
it’s life or death will not diminish the traffic jams. If I was a cop,
I’d be writing tickets left and right for needless honking and believe
me, if this was done regularly, these assholes would get the message
and stop. I realize it’s a way to vent frustration but all it does is
annoy people. Everyone should realize population is increasing and
there’s just more vehicles on the road. What works for me is to either
take a deep breath and let it out slowly or picture a beautiful
landscape or a beautiful woman if I’m stuck on the road. If people
can’t control their emotions on the road, those bozos should get off
the road and use mass transit or find a car pool, which more people
should make an effort to do. It’s gotten so bad there’s been reports of
people getting shot over a parking space! Wake up, people!

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side "curtain" airbags?

aren’t they "doors"?

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Grieving father explodes at speeder who murdered his son and got off by reason of insanity

More criminal coddling.   This deadly speeder should have been locked
up forever.


Driver in fatal crash given permission by judge to move to Bradenton

By Missy Stoddard
South Florida Sun-Sentinel  Posted May 12 2006

The father of a 5-year-old boy killed in a 1999 car crash unloaded 6
1/2 years worth of anger and frustration Thursday outside a Palm Beach
County courtroom.

"[You] should rot in hell," Christian Drew screamed at the driver,
William Straitz, who responded by telling Drew it was an accident.

"Are you a Christian?" Straitz threw back at the father.

The shouting match nearly resulted in fisticuffs, but a courtroom
deputy separated the two.

Straitz had come to court Thursday to ask a judge for permission to
move to Bradenton. To the dismay of Christian and Nalini Drew, Circuit
Judge Stephen Rapp granted the request.

In 2001, Straitz was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the
wreck. Speeding down Royal Palm Beach Boulevard at 100 mph, he slammed
into Christian Drew’s Mazda carrying 5-year-old Dakota "Cody" Drew.

Straitz said a voice told him to "hit the gas and go until you cannot
go anymore." His attorneys claimed the event was preceded by a
psychotic episode. He has a history of manic bipolar disorder, drug
and alcohol abuse and refusing to take his medications.

Straitz was committed to Florida State Hospital and transferred in
December 2004 to Phoenix House, a Lake Worth halfway house, under a
conditional release plan. Terms of his release included no drugs or
alcohol and mandatory attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and/or
Narcotics Anonymous five times a week. Straitz told the judge that he
has a job lined up in Bradenton.

Despite relocating, Straitz would continue to abide by the conditional
release terms, according to a letter written on his behalf by a mental
health worker, who also wrote that Straitz has maintained a "stable
psychiatric condition."

Prosecutor Ellen Roberts said mentally ill people often quit taking
their medication once they feel better.

A registered nurse who for years worked in the psychiatric field,
Christian Drew said Straitz’s actions the day of the crash don’t fit
the criteria for psychosis.

"I think he knew exactly what he was doing that day, and he didn’t
take his medication," he said. "He was trying to kill himself. It’s
not psychosis, it’s manipulation."

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Re: Grieving father explodes at speeder who murdered his son

Frank wrote:
> On Mon, 15 May 2006 02:41:26 GMT, laura bush – VEHICULAR HOMICIDE
> <xeton2…@yahoo.com> wrote:

> >A registered nurse who for years worked in the psychiatric field,
> >Christian Drew said Straitz’s actions the day of the crash don’t fit
> >the criteria for psychosis.

>  This is the second psych worker that I have read about that claimed a
> insanity defense is wrong.

It’s wrong in nearly all cases but to use it as an excuse for vehicular
homicide is really crazy!!!!!!!!!!

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Advertising Trucks – Moving Billboards

In my area I am frequently on the road with trucks that are set up as moving
bill boards. There are two styles, a box van with changeable adds on the
sides and back, and a flat bed with a tall thin vertical billboard (also
changeable). The trucks are aimlessly cruising around the streets on my
route to work. I object to them for three reasons:

1) They are wasting gas (or diesel)
2) They are contributing to road congestion
3) They are a source of distraction and interfere with a clear vision of
other vehicles.

Am I alone in thinking they should be outlawed?


Ed White

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Re: My Brush With Death

"Scott en Aztlán" wrote:
> [Or: "Riceboy Needs a New Set of Tires]

Do please explain about this ‘rice’ stuff.


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Car runs on compressed air

Conventional hybrids store energy in a battery – this one in
compressed air. I guess they’re serious.


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Re: Another Day, Another Gas Prices Report

> Scott en Aztlán:
> Eric Spillman is out again this morning. This time he interviewed some
> moron who thinks that everybody should boycott each gas company for
> one week at a time in a rotating boycott. Paraphrased, he says "if we
> boycott Shell one week, and Chevron one week, they’ll get the
> message." No mention of cutting back on consumption or anything even
> remotely sensible.

> With idiots like this, it’s no wonder gas prices are high. <rolleyes>

Really. Why don’t these reporters suggest a "driving boycott," or
something along those lines where people park their cars for one day a
week and don’t drive at all (and I mean on a week day, not a weekend);
not to work, to the store or anyplace else; and do this every week. That
would send more of a message than boycotting an individual company would
do. Otherwise, they are just pissing into the wind, IMO.

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