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1990 Nissan skyline sale Japan

FOB Yen300,000.- PHotos on homepage

Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan.
#510 Castle May, 3-1422 Ueda-Higashi
Tenpaku, Nagoya  Japan 468-0006
fax +81 52 803 1870
tel +81 90-1417-1403

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Re: An ugly reality

"Chip Anderson" <b_anders*NOSP…@bellsouth.net> wrote in message


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> by Thomas Sowell

> Thank heaven for the massive marches across the country by those favoring
> illegal immigrants. These marches revealed the ugly truth behind the fog
> pious words and clever political spin from the media and from both
> Democrats and Republicans in Washington.

> "Guest workers"? Did any of the strident speakers, with their in-your-face
> bombast in Spanish, sound like guests? Did they sound like people who
> wanted to become Americans?

> Were they even asking for amnesty? They didn’t sound like they were asking
> for anything. They sounded like they were telling. Demanding. Threatening.

> Somebody must have told them that their Mexican flags that dominated the
> earlier marches were not making a good impression on television, so they
> started flying American flags. But such cosmetic changes did not keep the
> ugly reality from coming through in their hostile speeches.

> These were not the speeches of people who wanted to join American society
> but people who wanted their own turf on American soil — in disregard and
> defiance of what American citizens want.

> Europe has already been through this "guest worker" policy that we are
> being urged to follow. They have learned the hard way what it means to
> a growing foreign population in their midst — a population that insists
> remaining foreign and hostile to the culture, values and people around
> them.

> Some European countries have learned this lesson at the cost of riots and
> bloodshed in the streets and lives lost in terrorist attacks. Others have
> only had to contend with national polarization — thus far — but
> polarization is not a small thing.

> In this country, however, there are still people who refuse to learn any
> lesson at all. Some business interests see only an opportunity to get
> labor. Some intellectuals see only abstract principles about abstract
> people crossing an abstract border.

> Some tell us loftily that earlier generations of immigrants who were once
> thought to be unassimilable turned out over time to become as American as
> anyone else and patriotic citizens.

> That might well be true of immigrants from Mexico, both legal and illegal,
> if the circumstances of today were the same as the circumstances during an
> earlier era of immigration from Europe. But circumstances are not the same
> — and those circumstances are not going to become the same by pretending
> that they are.

> The ugly display of grievance-mongering bombast at the illegal immigrant
> marches is just one of those circumstances that are not the same as in an
> earlier era.

> When people came here from Europe, they came here to become Americans.
> There was no prouder title for them.

> American generals of German ancestry led the fight against Germany in both
> World Wars. The Irish "Fighting 69th" earned its fame on the battlefields
> of the First World War and Japanese American fighting units were among the
> most highly decorated in World War II. They proved they were Americans.

> The underlying tragedy of the present situation is that it is doubtful
> whether the activist loudmouths, who were too contemptuous of this country
> to even speak its language while demanding its benefits, represent most
> immigrants from Mexico.

> Both legal and illegal immigrants have come here primarily to work and
> a better life for themselves and their families. But a country requires
> more than workers. It requires people who are citizens not only in name
> in commitment.

> Americanization did not happen automatically in earlier times and it will
> not happen automatically today. Immigrants in an earlier era had leaders
> and organizations actively working to transform them into Americans — the
> Catholic Church with the Irish and numerous organizations among the Jews,
> for example.

> Today’s immigrant activists and the politicians who kowtow to them have
> just the opposite agenda, to keep foreigners foreign and to make other
> Americans accept and adjust to that. It will be a national tragedy if they
> succeed.

> Just what problem will amnesty solve? Illegal aliens will benefit and
> politicians will benefit by sweeping the illegality under the rug by
> it legal. But how will American citizens benefit? America can lose big
> time.


> l>

> —
> —
> Chip

> Oderint dum metuant
> -Lucius Accius

Even if your Senator is a creep like John McCain or Ted Kennedy, email them
and state your opposition to the "Guest Worker" fraud. Contact via:


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Re: May 5th – Cinco De Mayo – The Gringos Should Not Shop

"USA1st" <USA…@carolina.rr.com> wrote in message


> Since the illegal latinos are going to boycott the gringo
> establishments on May 1st, why don’t we gringos boycott (BUY NOTHING)
> on May 5th which is Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day).

> Let us show the power of OUR dollars!!

> Who is with me?  If you are, pass this idea along!!

How about a total and continuing boycott of all Mexican foods. The crap is
greasy and unhealthy.


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Re: Here's a (Sorta OT) Thought

In article <nigc42hojtabj2kot9s6thrrcktdtn7…@4ax.com>, Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> Who you WON’T see here are the people who don’t give a shit about
> driving. The ones who merge onto the freeway at 35 MPH, the ones who
> don’t know the law, the ones who drive too slow, the ones who block
> the left lane – these people don’t come here.

That’s why they are in the Xposted threads.

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Re: Impending May Day Violence

sepulchre wrote:
> Will all you soft, detached, paranoid Americans flee for your lives when
> these immigrants flex their muscles with violence? Will you all go look
> for a place to hide, our will you stand up like a man (or woman) and fight
> back? If you go hide now find a good place because you will need to stay
> there forever.If violence is what they want then they should be prepared
> to receive it in return. If we bowed to the violence of the Nazi’s we
> would all be wearing Lederhosen and eating streudel right now. We have
> faced challenges before and rose to the ocassion, we must do so again.

Will the overfed, underchallenged, PC’d White males fight? I don’t
know. I see many walking about with belt buckles proclaiming, "You can
have my guns when you pry my dead fingers from them", but will Whites
actually protest or just complain?


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Re: Is This The Real Bev?

"Scott en Aztlán" <scottenazt…@yahoo.com> wrote in message

> In my mind’s eye I picture The Real Bev as looking something like
> this:

> http://www.motorcyclemisadventures.com/weblogphotos/Nov2005/nikkibike…

> Am I close? ;)

I pictured her more like this:



I am not the cause of your problems.
My actions are the result of your actions.
Your life is not my fault.

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Mostly OT… The law is the law….

I know this mostly off topic, but it deals with cursory subjects that
come out of the threads with regards to law enforcement, rights, and
supreme court decisions.

This is the sort of thing that occurs when government and police have too
much power and property rights don’t exist. Given the new london decision
by the supreme court and growing police power this is probably a window
into our future here in the USA unless something is done to reverse the


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OT: Gretta

Did anyone notice Gretta on "Fox News Live", her face?

Gretta’s face is half paralyzed.  Here left side of her face does not
move, it just hangs down via gravity.  While the other side of her face
is just fine.

I always thought there was something strange about Gretta.  At first I
thought it was just her voice.  But since yesterday I noticed her
messed up face and now realize that what makes her so odd is both her
half paralyzed face and the way she talks.


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Interesting crash videos


You should be able to view this if you have installed Windows Media
Player 9 series or have XP installed on your system.

It appears in most cases that people weren’t really paying attention
while driving, but there were two crashes that stand out.

The first one with the truck going across multiple lanes and the one
where the SUV was apparently preparing for a left turn and moves back to
the right lane.

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82 year old ticketed for slow walking

Article slams the cops but i don’t know. We’ve all seen these old
people that take forever to cross the street and thereby hold up



As Coyle tells it, she was doing her best to shuffle across Foothill
Boulevard, with her cane in one hand, groceries in the other, when the
light changed from "Walk" to "Don’t Walk".

Enter an LAPD motorcycle officer, who gave her the ticket, which she
is challenging in court.

Her case has become more than just a traffic dispute; to her
supporters, it’s about the rights of senior citizens and pedestrians


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