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Best Carpool Lane Excuse Ever


[A] few years ago, traffic school instructor Hank Baylis told me about a
carpooler who was ticketed on the San Diego Freeway in L.A. despite his
claim that his other occupant was a corpse. He was a driving a hearse.

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Need Mechanic for inspection in Lynnwood, Edmonds to Everett, WA

I’m going to look at a used car in Lynnwood, WA in a day or two.  Can
anyone recommend a trustworthy independent shop nearby (Lynnwood,
Edmonds, Everett, etc.: someplace within 10 to 15 minutes of the
junction of I-5 and I-405) where I can get a pre-purchase mechanical
inspection done?  More interested in thoroughness and intellegence than
low price!

Please state your relationship with the shop (customer, owner, friend
of employee, etc.)

Thanks in advance,

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red light camera

if u get a red light camera and it is not you in the picture, can the
government legally force you to identify the driver??

this is in california. I dont run red lights. I think I was wronged by
the camera.
Scenario: The light is currently yellow, I’m driving and I can make the
yellow, however, the car in front of me slams on the brakes in the
intersection and stops. So I’m beyond the marker(stopped) and the
camera takes a shot.  I don’t know how this will hold up in court..I
think it would be better to avoid a ticket by using "wrong driver"

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Bushnell Speedster II & Velocity radar guns – Info needed.

Hi all,

Just wanted to get a quick confirmation about the Bushnell Speedster II
and Velocity model radar guns.   I’m a security director for a
subdivision that has a public road running on the periphery of the
properties..   Would either of these Bushnell models trigger an
automobile radar detector for purposes of getting their attention?  
We’ve had 2 kids recently almost hit and there are already signs posted
and all.

This item would not be used for any other purposes than that.


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Scott- this vid will make your blood boil!

–BTW for the record, I do not agree with this experiment…


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It's not Speed, it's Not Stopping

Friday afternoon, 4 pm, I-5 south at Oceanside Blvd.  I’m driving a
Tacoma in #4 after a long day of driving around OC, trying to get back
to my office.

I decided to stay in #4 because the asshat in front of me wasn’t
holding the wheel of his light blue 80′s Accord and wasn’t paying shit
for attention.  I don’t know if he was masturbating, rolling a joint,
shooting up, or just sending text messages, but his hands were
obviously in his lap in front of him and only on the wheel after he’d
left his lane.  He was slothcellerating along until he had to slam on
his brakes because traffic had stopped in front of him.  For obvious
reasons, I didn’t want him next to or behind me.  In retrospect, it
was a great decision.

So traffic gets moving near an offramp as it always does from exiting
cars leaving, creating a gap Californians floor it to close before the
onramp, thus causing abrupt braking.  Well, for most people.  Blue
Accord didn’t feel a need to brake this time, and gave me the perfect
view of a three car accident, after Maroon Ranger got pushed forward
into grey Eurocar.

I saw no brake lights on BBle Accord until the same time I heard the
crunching noises and saw the Ranger slide forward.  The Honda wasn’t
going more than 35-40 mph, but a 20 year old Accord hitting a car
that’s 1000 pounds heavier and stopped still will twist some metal.

At this point it was time to get out the cell phone, call the cops,
turn on the hazard lights, and make sure people were okay.  First I
asked the driver of the (now leaking water and lacking headlights)
Accord if he’s okay.  He looks blankly and asks, "Como?"  I try "Esta
lastimado?" which gets me a "si" when I noticed there were two kids in
the first car.

I figured screw this fuckup, I hope he has neck injuries and started
asking if the kids and their mother were okay, when Mr Fuckup Blue
Accord jumped back in his car and drove off, nearly ramming a van and
a compact trying to avoid me trying to kick in his passsenger side

Right at that moment the 911 operator came on (I was on hold while all
that was going on) so I yelled the plate at them a few times, and got
some CHiPs heading over.  One officer commented it was the first time
in years a witness stopped and helped, which seemed a sad commentary
on SoCal these days.

As the good news, both occupants of the Ranger, and the three
occupants of the European car in front were uninjured, and Mr Fuckup
Blue Accord is now a wanted man, as is the registered owner of the car
he was driving.  (Oceanside + hit-n-run = an illegal with an illegal
car.)  The now pretty well fucked car that’s going to attract police
attention without the plates being wanted.

The part that bothered me is that an officer who was present when I
gave a statement referred to this as a speed related crash.  It was
not at all speed related.  It was a dumbass related crash, compounded
by the dumbass being an illegal immigrant.

Chalk up another one to the "bad statistics" pile.


PS – No, I didn’t take any pictures.  My camera wasn’t immediately
available before the guy ran, and afterwards it would have been tacky
and rather pointless since we moved the vehicles out of the roadway
after making sure everyone was okay.

Amature Ass(phalt) and more!

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Re: Pedalcyclist Dies in Hit-n-Run Crash

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:34:35 -0800, Scott en Aztlán

<scottenazt…@yahoo.com> wrote:
>The actions of the bicyclist, who apparently was riding against a red
>light, would be considered the “primary collision factor,” but the
>driver committed a crime by not stopping, the lieutenant said.

Holy Bullshit Batman!

<insert joke here that I’d get shot for posting>


Amature Ass(phalt) and more!

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Re: Man in Minivan Murders Motorcyclist

In article <dhfh225krqmf8vakn9stba6a1s6th48…@4ax.com>, Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> I guess not all minivan drivers are pussies. ;)

Aggressive, angry arseholes in minivans are rather common. So common I
think it might me a side effect of driving the damn things.

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That's what you get for driving a SUV ;)


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Temperature conversion Formula

What is the Temperature Conversion Formula?  I used to know it.  It’s
used for converting Celsius to Farenheit and vise versa.

I have my old Math book out but I can not find it anywhere in the
Index, although I know I have seen it in there before.



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