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Re: MFFY Du Jour for Friday, 1/27/2006

Scott en Aztlán, <scottenazt…@yahooNOSPAM.com> was motivated to say
this in rec.autos.driving on Fri, 27 Jan 2006 19:42:18 -0800:

> WTF was this loser thinking?

Maybe he was too shitty a driver to realize those were parking spaces?

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Re: Mx Consulate confirms crash victims in stolen car were from Mexico

"Don Gabacho" <jpast…@nettaxi.com> wrote in message


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> NEW: Consulate confirms 281 crash victims were from Mexico

> Web Posted: 01/27/2006 11:37 AM CST

> Jeorge Zarazua
> Express-News Staff Writer

> FALFURRIAS – The Mexican consulate in McAllen confirmed this morning
> several of the people killed and injured in a highway accident on U.S.
> 281 were from Mexico.

> Consul officials have identified three of the six who died in
> Thursday’s accident, but are not releasing their names until their
> families have been notified, said spokeswoman Sandra Mendoza.

> She said two of the men, ages 33 and 35, were from Cuidad Valles in San
> Luis Potosi. The female victim in the accident was a 33-year-old woman
> from Palenque, Chiapas.

> The other three men who died in the accident have not been identified,
> Mendoza said.

> She said three of the injured were able to give brief statements to
> investigators, saying they were from the Mexican states of San Luis
> Potosi, Veracruz and Chiapas.

> There were at least 12 people riding in a stolen Ford F150 truck when
> an 18-wheeler car carrier rammed into it Thursday morning on U.S. 281
> about five miles north of Falfurrias.

> Authorities suspect the pickup and the Ford Expedition it was following
> were smuggling undocumented immigrants into the United States.

> Both vehicles, traveling east on County Road 405, failed to stop as
> they reached U.S. 281, said Lt. Bryan Rippee of the Texas Department of
> Public Safety.

> A missing stop sign at the corner of the isolated road is being blamed
> for contributing to the wreck.

> Rippee said investigators suspect another car knocked down the stop
> sign sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday and didn’t report it.

> The Ford Expedition was the first to cross the highway, speeding
> straight through U.S. 281 until it hit a culvert on the other side and
> becoming airborne, according to DPS troopers. The Expedition then
> became lodged between two wooden posts in a barbed-wire fence.

> The car carrier struck the bed of the pickup as it entered U.S. 281.

> Authorities now say five of the people injured in the accident are
> being treated at a Corpus Christi hospital.

> The driver of the car carrier was not seriously injured.

> The accident closed down U.S. 281 between Premont and Falfurrias for
> the majority of the day Thursday as authorities examined the scene and
> cleared up the debris. The highway was reopened after 9 p.m. last
> night.

Every day the toll mounts of innocent Americans killed by these sleazy
illegal alien drivers. Though Americans were not killed in this incident it
just typifies the increasing hazard. Thanks goodness the American truck
driver was not injured.


http://www.deportaliens.com/  Deport Aliens>

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Chaining up the compact car

How am I supposed to do this?  I’ve been practicing on the small car
FWD and have gotten faster at it.  But when it’s -30 outside I need
some rubber gloves to protect the hands.  The probem with that is I
need to be able to feel what is going on back there behind the tire.
The cable needs to be threated together somehow and I need to feel it
with the skin in order to know how it all hooks up underneath all of

Anyone here have any noteworthy suggestion?


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g)t ***Hot stuff – check this out !!! g)t


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Re: " Very specific rules of engagement were in place for our Marines. If fired upon by armed smugglers, they returned fire ending the situation"

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> Illegal Alien Amnesty, Guest Workers, International Law and Politics
> John W. Slagle

> author’s web site

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> By John W. Slagle
> January 28, 2006

> I love this nation. I believe the United States was once a sovereign
> republic with policies that were not directed by Mexico or any foreign
> nation.

> For over three decades, political apathy regarding Immigration and
> Naturalization Laws has resulted in a very serious problem within this
> country.

> In a quest for " cheap labor " and illicit votes, both political
> parties have condoned the violation of laws established by Congress, 8
> USC 1324,1325, and 1326 INA.

> The issue of illegal immigration is not a matter of race, creed or
> color. Laws which govern the orderly flow of legal immigrants and
> non-immigrants is very similar worldwide. In most nations, national
> security, public safety, and economics are all linked to Immigration
> standards of admission.

> Stateside, non enforcement of Immigration statutes have resulted in an
> enept, now defunct govenment agency, INS. The President of the United
> States is very proud that any foreign national who can walk across the
> Rio Grande is welcome, dispite violation of law, 8 USC 1325. Catering
> to Mexico’s policies, demands also seem to be a priority in Washington
> with most elected officials.

> Special Interest Groups consider U.S. Immigration laws racist,inhumane
> and unjust. A possible answer to the problem would be abolishing all
> U.S. Statutes and adopting "word for word " Mexico’s standards and law
> per their govenment constitution. How could any group in the United
> States including LULAC or ACLU be offended?

> Contrary to popular belief, Mexico has very strict immigration laws
> which are enforced by every police agency in the country. The Bureau of
> Immigration can call upon any law enforcement officer to assist in
> their mission. Citizens from the United States traveling in Mexico
> without proper documents are subject to arrest as illegal aliens.

> Mexican law requires proof of citizenship, passport, photo I.D.
> destination and purpose of travel for any foreign national entering the
> Country. The foreign national cannot work and must have monetary funds
> to support their stay in Mexico.

> Non-Immigrants, FM-3s must provide proof of identity as well as a
> financial statement, proof of income. This income must be 250 times the
> minimum wages paid in Mexico City.

> To fully immigrate as an FM-2, proof of income required is 400 times
> the minimum wages paid in Mexico City.For some reason, the elite ruling
> class of Mexico does not appreciate immigrants that are not
> self-supporting or illegal aliens competing for jobs. Amnesty for law
> breakers is not an option.

> Voting regulations in Mexico are very strict to prevent voter fraud in
> elections. What an amazing concept.Proof of identity with a government
> issued photo voter ID is required to vote within a polling district. A
> fingerprint is also taken. Elections are serious business in Mexico
> compared to the United States of America.

> Mexico controls their Borders with military troops. The fact that many
> military or police units are corrupt and 65 percent of cocaine and
> marijuana seized in the U.S. comes from Mexico is not on the political
> "radar" in Washington D.C.

> In 1989, the U.S. Government had armed squads of U.S. Marines as well
> as Army National Guard air support wings assisting in narcotics
> interdictions along the Arizona Border. It was a very effective
> operation, perhaps too effective. Politicians in Mexico were "outraged"
> that U.S. Marines were deployed along high intensity smuggling areas.

> Very specific rules of engagement were in place for our Marines. If
> fired upon by armed smugglers, they returned fire ending the situation.
> Mexican military incursions on U.S. soil was not a factor and for a
> brief period of time, the U.S. Border Patrol regained control along the
> Line.

> John W. Slagle

> Tucson, Arizona

The bunch of wimps now infesting Washington are immobilized by the fear of
offending hispanics. Votes and money, the only thing that motivates the
political bottam feeders.


http://www.deportaliens.com/   Deport Aliens

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Just what we need – Truckdrivers with multiple sclerosis


Trucker pleads no contest in traffic-stop death
Saturday, January 28, 2006

ALLEGAN — A truck driver who hid his progressive multiple sclerosis
to keep his job has pleaded no contest to vehicular homicide in a
fiery crash that killed an Alma College graduate whom police had
pulled over for a speeding violation.

David Gale, 43, of Ada, Ohio, entered the plea this week during a
hearing in Allegan County Circuit Court.

In Michigan, a no-contest plea is not an admission of guilt, but the
judge treats it the same at sentencing. Gale faces up to 15 years in
prison when he is sentenced Friday.

Early June 23, 2004, Allegan County Sheriff’s Deputy Jon Bender pulled
over Emily Van Dyke’s vehicle on Interstate 196 near Holland, about a
mile south of where U.S. 31 merges with the freeway. Moments later,
Gale’s truck plowed into the back of the police cruiser, then rolled
over Van Dyke’s car and dragged it into a ditch, where both caught

The collision killed Van Dyke, 22, of Saugatuck. She recently had
graduated from Alma College and was preparing to start teaching at a
North Carolina elementary school.

Gale and the deputy suffered minor injuries.

Gale initially told investigators he had fallen asleep behind the
wheel of his rig. Police and prosecutors later discovered that he has
multiple sclerosis.

Medical records show Gale was diagnosed with the disease March 8,
2004, but did not disclose the diagnosis two months later when he
sought to renew his commercial driver’s license.

He also persuaded a doctor in his hometown to sign a certificate
stating he is qualified for a commercial license, prosecutors said.

Gale, who was strapped into a wheelchair during his plea hearing, said
he had stopped taking his multiple sclerosis medication before the


So he kills someone and he faces 15 years MAXIMUM!!?? That should be
the minimum but then, this is criminal coddler america.

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Re: How Did I Miss This One?

In article <cjrpt1d96336ts9aua58vs0rij8clb2…@4ax.com>, Scott en Aztlán wrote:
> [I have long held that a system like this is the ONLY way we will ever
> eliminate traffic congestion – we simply cannot build roads fast
> enough to outpace the ability of incompetents and LLBs to clog things
> up.]

I hold the same view. However I favor a cheaper solution. That is to remove
the incompetents and LLBs from the road.

BTW, the goal of congestion pricing etc and so forth is one of logging
and controling travel. If they really wanted to reduce driving a simple
increase in the gasoline tax would be enough. However the solution always
seems to involve government control.

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Ban speed limits? Here's a plan i could live with

Speed lovers would be given plates telling the HP that the driver is
allowed to drive as fast as he or she wants. But they would also have
attached to the vehicle a sensor that constantly records their speed.
If they are judged at fault in a crash and  if the sensor says they
were 10 mph or more over the limit within say 3 seconds of the crash,
then they would permanently lose their DL. If the crash involves a
death, then they go to prison for life.

The pedalphiles like to say they can handle speed  so why should they
object to this?

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Re: Left foot braking

zx2guy Wrote:

> all it does is keep your revs up… other then that i dont see much of a
> use (other then burnouts) for it.

It allows immediate transitions from gas to brake and back to gas,
giving the driver much more precise control over the balance of the
car, whether it be approach of the corner, entry, mid-corner, or exit.

Power braking is only a small part of left-foot braking, sometimes used
mid corner for very minor adjustments to the car’s balance.

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Cool Auto Insurance Comparison Site

this is a cool way to check if you are over paying for auto insurance


 If this site saves you money then post here how much u save

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