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What are Chihuahuas good for?


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why are there no traffic cammeras in the US?

Why are there no traffic cameras in the US?
Every civilized country of the world is using automatic cameras to catch
people which are speeding, running red lights, keeping a too small distance
to the car in front.
Why not in the US?
Somebody told me that you cannot always determine who was driving the car
from the photo?
Yes — the same problem is true for other countries using such cameras,
but they got around this problem by claiming that the owner of a car must
know who was driving his car at any given time
and if he doesn’t, he will get charged by default — his problem.
Why can’t the so technological advanced US do the same?

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Winter Driving

I was out driving in Kansas this winter and the spray nozzels for the
windshield washer fluid actually froze up.  This prevented me from
washing the road salt off my windshield.  I had to pull over on a busy
interstate to scrape the road salt off my windsheild.

Is there anything to do about this problem?

In the morning during a cold start up the power steering fluid is still
half frozen or something and the steering wheels is stiff.  This
happens in 10 degree temperatures and below.  (Farenheit)  Are there
cars on the market that can heat the fluid using electric resistance
heat or something?

Oh and about the radiator freezing up.  If the coolant gets frozen what
happens to the water pump during cold start up?  Doesn’t that break the
water pump since it would be seized in place from the frozen coolant?
That sounds like a very expensive problem to me…

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come check this site out

check out this site for the links and info you are looking for.

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Re: "Don't Drink & Drive…Don't Even Putt."

montm…@aol.com wrote:
> How about a televised event for golf’s "Silly Season" in which top pros
> play a round after 12 or 13 rounds at the 19th hole?  John Daly could
> host…who else should we get?  What about the format?  Should we have
> them drive golf carts through an obstacle course?

How can you make jokes about drunk driving?. You duis kill and maim
innocent people constantly.  You are the biggest criminals in the
country and every one of you should be serving a life sentence!!!!!
Instead  criminal coddler america chooses convicted drunk drivers for
both president and vp.

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Happy 2006

Happy frickin’ new year, r.a.d.!

To LBMHB and a few select other residents of the killfile, may your year
be filled with pain and misery and all those speeders that make you
jealous because your car isn’t capable of keeping up and if one of those
deadly DUI’s absolutely has to hit and maim/kill someone, better that he
hit you and not me.

To Scott in Aztlán, Brent, Arif, Dave (all of the Dave’s/Davids who
frequent here – including all members of the dwpj65 sockpuppet group)
and some others that I converse with that I can’t remember, may we have
clear smooth roads ahead and here’s to the hope that, in 2006, LLB will
be made a capital offense.

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Re: Mob of Thugz Beats Man for Honking Car Horn

On Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:05:38 -0500, Johnny Asia <poki_pongo at

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>I wish this man had been armed with an Uzi.


>Milwaukee Police Seek Mob Who Beat Motorist

>Tuesday, December 27, 2005

>(12-27) 12:07 PST MILWAUKEE (AP) —

>At least 15 young people dragged a motorist out of his car and kicked
>and punched him, causing severe head trauma, after he honked his horn
>to get them to move out of a street, police said.

>It was the latest in a series of mob beatings in the city.

>The 50-year-old man was in critical condition Tuesday and it was
>unclear whether he would survive, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz

>Schwartz said the man was driving alone on the city’s north side late
>Monday when he honked at the group of young people in the middle of a

>"Instead of moving they surrounded the vehicle," and kicked and beat
>him, she said.

>"They left him for dead and when we showed up he was lying in the
>street," she said.

This is bushamerica where lilfe is cheap and killing is considered
cool.  Motorist should have just floored it and got the hell out of

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Sum Dum Phuc

One of the amazing things I discovered when I started walking to the
train station in the mornings is the amount of litter that people toss
out of their car windows as they drive. And it’s not just cigarette
butts and In ‘n Out wrappers, either – I’ve come across confidential
corporate memos, phone bills, gas bills, and other "sensitive"

Here’s a hint for all you folks who are concerned about identity
theft: it’s probably not a particularly good idea to discard your
expired passport by tossing it out your car window onto the sidewalk.

Phuc’n litterbugs… ;)


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Cops get new tool in battle against deadly drunk drivers

And the criminals are already whining about their privacy being
violated!!  WAAAAAHHHHH


Alcohol sensor an invasion of privacy?
Jason Ferrell
Last updated on: 12/21/2005 6:38:42 PM

COLLIER COUNTY— The next time an officer shines a light in your face,
he may actually be giving you something very similar to a breathalyzer
test. But some say the device, called a Passive Alcohol Sensor, is an
invasion of privacy because police don’t have to tell you they’re
using it.

Veteran police officer Kyle Clark will soon have an electronic nose to
help him bust drunk drivers. Made by PAS Systems International, the
Passive Alcohol Sensor is the newest way to detect booze inside your
car. It looks like an ordinary flashlight.

"This is just designed to alert officers that there may be alcohol
present and to look a little further," said Clark.

The sensor doesn’t let the officer know if you’re drunk, just if
alcohol is present. The officer will still need to do a field sobriety
test and a breathalyzer.

Not everyone agrees with the use of the Passive Alcohol Sensor.

"It is kind of violating people’s right to privacy and so forth," said
Kristin Jasinski.

Officers don’t have to tell drivers when they’re using it.


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Thank you sloth passer!

Coming up canyon in right lane after dark and a bit foggy, car starts
passing in the passing lane and then just ‘hangs’ there.  After about a
minute I slowed to force him to get out of there.  That is when we hit
the real dense fog.  I had it easy, just follow his tail lights about
20 yards back, ease off when I would see his brake lights flare which
was fairly often due to denser patches of fog.  When I got near my
drive (I thought I was a lot closer than I was), I dropped over to the
park lane and felt my way along counting field entrances until I
spotted my drive.  I hate driving in fog after dark especially in that
old F150.

Harry K

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