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Manual gear shift w/o clutch??

I notice (think) f1 driver shift gear w/o clutch (before the electroinc
controlled gearbox era).

What’s the technique behind? Is it possible to do that with a street car?



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Alfa Romeo – Any information?

I’m interested in Alfas – Spiders, of course, Graduates, of course, but–

I’m more interested in their sedans. On a trip to Rome, I virtually fell
in love with them. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get real live
information about them. Specifically, I guess, the 164/Milano.

If anyone has any experience with Alfas (really any kind, not *just* the
sedans), please email and I’d love to talk.

Also, I’d like to hear from anyone selling any Alfas.

And certainly, if there’s a mailing list, I’d love to hear about it… ;)


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Re: Newbie question: Riding the clutch?

te…@delphi.com wrote:

: | Pete Wong <pete.w…@freddy.supernet.ab.ca> writes:
: |  
: | >        Riding the clutch refers to keeping your foot on the clutch
: | >pedal after you have engaged the gear that you want.  This pressure on
: | >the clutch pedal after you have started accelerating may cause premature
: | >wear of the clutch.
: |  
: | And if you match engine speed to what it will be when you complete your
: | upshift/downshift you save the clutch.
: | I blip the throttle on my upshifts and the service manager was shocked
: | that my ’87 RX7 Turbo with 90,000 miles was on its original clutch.

I began doing this a while ago because of a suggestion when I was driving my
’88 944 Turbo, and it really does help – since then, I began to do it on my
Mazda truck and 88 Toyota Camry All-Trac, and the Porsche is at 130k+ and the
Toyota is over 120, with no new clutches..

Of course, it makes engine braking less effective, but if you engine brake
w/o matching speeds, I think you’d really wreak havoc on your clutch!

It also makes for *very* smooth upshifting, which makes other people stop
complaining because they have automatics. :)

:   David K. Perkowski   :   dkp…@cac.psu.edu   :   dkp…@email.psu.edu   :
:         Founder of the International Association of Laypersons             :

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Best time to drive

What is the best time to drive?  
I like to drive very fast down winding back roads and want to avoid
What/Who I’d like to avoid:

1) accidents due to slow traffic suddenly found around a bend in the road
(e.g. bicyclist, deer, pedestrian, etc.)

2) police

3) other traffic

I generally do my lock-me-up-and-throw-away-the-key high speed driving on
abandoned back roads late at night to avoid cyclists and pedestrians.  I
love a sunny morning drive, but unfortunately this is when most of the
cyclists are out and I yield the road to them during the day and drive
at more reasonable speeds then.  I have come across deer in the middle of
the road late at night, but given the
choice, obviously I’d rather hit a herd of deer than a cyclist.  
Is there a bedtime for bambi?  
How do others handle this situation?  Please don’t suggest I give up
those winding roads for a track somewhere.



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Acura Integra LS

Thanks to all those out there who sent me advice on the Altima, Civic SI
and the Integra. I drove all, and bought the Intgra. It’s hard to believe
that the civic and Integra are made by Honda,the fit and finish was so
much better than the civic. Both are great but the Integra was better for
me. In Canada there is a big difference between the two.


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Idiot in Court

        I just thought I’d share a little experience I had in court back
in June of this year.  I live in NY, and I went to court to battle 2
tickets.  One ticket was for not wearing a seatbelt and the other was for
not signaling when changing lanes (several times @ high speeds).  Well,
jsut a little on why I was at court.  One day, I was trying to get my
friend to work, and unfortunatly, a cop nailed me for changing lanes 5
times, without signaling, at about 5-10 mph over the limit around a 30mph
zone.  Anyway, he pulled me over, and I had already taken my seatbelt off
(dumb move) so he got me for that also.  Anyway, I pleaded not guilty to
both, went to court, changed my plea on the lane change to guilty since I
was nailed for that, and kept my plea as innocent for the seat belt
because I really did have it on.  Trust me, by the way I was driving, no
way I could control the car as I did without wearing a seatbelt.  So, I
got the seatbelt thrown out.  Here’s the funny story…

        While waiting for my turn to come, this guy comes up to protest a
speeding ticket that he recieved.  The cop that was handling him had
handled about an hours worth of cases straight that morning already.  So,
the guy comes up.  Turns out this guy has 4 previous speeding tickets and
he drives a jaguar.  So, the cop is explaing how he was able to give this
guy a ticket.  So, after the cop explains whats what, this guy, around
45-50 years old, starts asking questions like this, and the judge responds
to each one of them…

Man: "Are you sure the radar machine was operating properly?"
Officer: "Yes."

Man: "How do you know this?  How often is it calibrated?"
Officer: "Twice a year."

Man: "Are you SURE it was calibrated?"
Judge: "Sir…he said it was."

Man: "Officer, how long had you been on the job that day?"
Judje: "Irrelevant."

Man: "Officer, how many tickets had you already given out that day?"
Judge: "Irrelevant!… Next question."

Man: "Are you absolutly sure that the radar machine was accurate?"
Judge: "Sir, I think that was your last question."

Then, the judge got really pissed and saw that the guy had 4 speeding
convictions, all for 79+ – 2 of them 90+.  The judge explained to the guy
that he didn’t know what he did for a leaving, but if he would get one
more ticket, he wouldn’t be driving to work anymore.

I couldn’t stop laughing while I"m nervously waiting for my turn.  This
guy asked the most rediculous questions I’ve ever seen.  I’ve left out
some because a few of them dealt with a mop in the car that was
obstructing someone’s view and you just had to be there for that because
it would be too much for me to type.


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Is it always better to upshift?

Assuming I’ve reached my cruising speed, and I don’t need extra power
for passing, is it always better to upshift? RPMs always decrease so I
assume it saves fuel, but would driving at 35 MPH in 5th put any
unnecessary strain on my engine? Any other side effects?

Chris J. Kirsanoff                "Every time I learn something new,
Univ. of Illinois                  it pushes some old stuff
chr…@uiuc.edu                    out of my brain." — Homer Simpson

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Tire recomendation


I was looking to get new tires (175/70R 13) for my 87 Mazda 323 in
Pittsburgh PA where we have
moderates amounts of rain and moderate amounts to lots of snow.
Has anyone had experience with Cooper Lifeline Classic II or Mastercraft
P-794 (used to be
called P-70 earlier)? They both have traction rating of A, temp B, DOT
tread 380 and 420 respectively with 60K mileage warranty.


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dbur…@szabo.cary.NC.US (dave burton) wrote:
>…"jap" is shorthand for Japanese, just like "yank" is
>short for Yankee. Neither is a slur….

Sorry David. I disagree. I’m not Japanese, but I know that it
would insult a Japanese if I used the word "jap".

Anyway, the guy who wrote those great reports on the radar jammers
was talking about cheap hardware. So let’s get on with the
talk about cars and driving.

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Lexus mailing list?

Hi could some one pls tell me whether there exist a Lexus mailing list
or news group? Thanx in advance! (could e-mail me at a…@ecf.toronto.edu)

|Bani Azan                       |    B A N I     |
|E-mail: a…@ecf.toronto.edu    |    A Z A N     |
|University of Toronto           |    N A Z A     |

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