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Toyota MR-2 mailing list????

Is there a Toyota MR-2 specific mailing list?  If so, how can I
subscribe (actually it’s for a friend)?  If not, is there a mailing
list for Toyota?  Thank you.

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Re: Anyone know what Lemon Laws state?

>Could someone please tell me what the lemon laws state?  What exactly
>defines a ‘lemon’?

>Please respond directly, I will post if there is interest.


>Mahboud Zabetian
>ag group, inc.

This is not exactly the answer fo rthe question above.  I read an newspaper
article several weeks ago about the number of "lemon" complaints for some
car manufacturers.  Saturn has received the least number of lemon complaints,
approximately 1 in every 3500 cars it sold.  Following Saturn is Infinity, Lexus,
Caddi, Honda, and Toyota.  The last one on the list is VW.  It has ~1 in every
30ish cars (don’t remember the exact number the article quoted on VW).

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Prime wheels. Crap??

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[ Posted on 1 Aug 1994 00:58:07 -0500 ]

        Hey guys.  I’ve been reading the threads on alloy and steel
wheels for a little bit and it has me worried.  My SE-R was bought used
and it had Prime wheels put on it by the previous owner.  Are these
crappy?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Datsun Roadster – anyone, anyone?

Just thought I’d probe the Usenet for current or former
1500/1600/2000 owners who had questions or were intersted
in swapping stories.  Had a 66′ 1600 for three years, and
I got to know it pretty darn well…



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Stealth RT Turbo AWD – sparkplugs

I own a Stealth RT Turbo (1993).  It has 25,000 km on it.  It is
scheduled for its next service and they are planning to change the
sparkplugs.  I remember reading somewhere that the sparkplugs are very
expensive, however they do not need to be changed as often as in other
cars (something like every three years rings a bell).

Does anyone have any experience with this?  Our service managers plans to
do it next week. As they are fairly expensive, I would like to avoid this
if possible.  Please advise.


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Re: Strange attitude prevalent in this gro

lim…@hamlet.uncg.edu (Funj) writes:
> Also cars outside the US seem more peppy.  Perhaps less
> emmissions restrictions = more powerful cars .. or maybe
> the type of fuel.  I know that in parts of Asia, cars run
> on 98octane leaded/unleaded w/o catalytic converters, the
> cars get an additional 10-15hp compared to cars in the US.

Contrary to popular belief, high octane gasoline contains no
more energy per unit weight than regular fuel does.  The
purpose of increasing the octane level is to prevent knocking
by slightly slowing the fuel’s rate of combustion.  There’s
less chance of knocking if the flame front reaches the piston
crown at a later point during the compression stroke.


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twin cam engine

Just got a TOYOTA recently. I noticed that I got a twin cam 16-v engine
in the car! Now here is my question:

        What is the advantage of having a twin cam engine?
        Should I take special care of the engine?

any information is welcomed!

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Mandatory headlights in daytime in USA

        I was watching the TV last week, and I saw a quick clip on the US  
auto industry.  I forget which show it was (20/20, 60 mins, something like  
that), but the said in 1995 over half of the GM cars and all of the Volvo  
cars (for the US) will have the automatic daytime headlights, like Canada.  
Both companies stated that they know there is not a law about this, but  
they just want to be extra safe.  The news clip said hat other car  
companies will soon follow suit.  Opinions?  
        Personally, I don’t like the idea.  I think it looks very out of  
place to have headlights on in the daytime.  OTOH, I suppose that, if  
there had been a law about that here for 20 years or so, I’d think it is  
normal.  I don’t know what companies will do about pop-up headlights.  
Like I said, not all GM cars will have this next year, but I suppose they  
all will eventually.  Other than a reskin to eliminate the pop-up lights  
(a-la Diamond star turbo reskin in, ah, 1992 I think), what will GM do?  
What do they do in Canada?  Do they just run with parking lights?  Replys  
on the Net are most welcome.

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I own a 4 cylinder daihatsu and fitted in an InfraLight (Allison) E-ignition
module hooked up to a 40kV ignition coil. It was running fine for up to
about a year. Recently I had problems starting the car in the mornings or
when I have left it for about 4-5 hrs. the tach needle jumps and the engine
hunts. I had:
–       the carb serviced and checked for leaks,
–       checked the vacuum advance,
–       changed my plugs and leads,
–       checked for leaks in the inlet manifold,
–       put in a brand new ignition module,
–       checked the optical trigger,

……..still the same problem. I later had the ignition coil replaced with
my original coil (output of 15 kV, I think?) and it seems to be fine. I
don’t know if any of you out there has had a similar problem???

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All-Season radials that are really good in snow.

Who knows about good-in-snow, all-season radials that make a Volvo a bit less
clumsy in snow.  You would think a Scandinavian car company would know how to
make a car that doesn’t act like a dizzy sheep when it gets near snow.

I have been recomended:
     1) Yokahama A378 — but someone else said that the recommendation was
                         a bad one.
     2) Kelly Navigator
     3) Bridgestone 402 P
     4) Firestone FR440

Does anybody have anything good or bad to say about any of them?

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