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BMW Driving School

Has anyone tried the Skip Barber BMW Driving School? I’ve only heard about it
but I don’t really know what its about and what its like? Is it worth it?

I live very close to Sears Point so it would be pretty convienient for me….


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Corrado SLC advice

I am thinking of buying a ’94 or ’93 Corrado SLC. Does anyone have any
comments/experiences with the car? Please post or mail to j…@bcvms.bc.edu


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Dodge Pickups??

[ Article crossposted from rec.autos.misc ]
[ Author was Brian Hunt ]
[ Posted on 26 Jun 1994 20:26:47 -0700 ]

Is there a special Newsgroup for pickup trucks, or any FTP sites to d/l
reviews of different pickups??





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*Where to put new tire?*

Recently I replaced a blown tire with a new one.  This new tire is of
a different make and the salesperson got me one with the closest
tread pattern to the older 3 tires.

They installed this new tire on the front driver side and the car is
a front-wheel drive.

Now I have a problem which is that the car is pulling left quite badly.
I got the alignment and tire pressures checked and both are OK.
Could my problem be that the new "different branded" tire is pulling
more to its side since it is newer and had a different thread pattern?
Or could it be a problem with the suspension since the car is pretty
old (its a 1986 Celica)?

Should I just switch an older tire from the back and put the new one
behind or just switch it to the right-side to test whether it really
is the problem? BTW I’m lazy. Any suggestions?


Ark Lee
ps. email replies would be much appreciated.

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Huffy 10-speed vs. the World (was Re: BMW vs. Mustang vs. etc.)

So, you have an M3 or a Mustang?  Ha!  I just got into a race with both of
them, and killed both in my 10-speed bicycle which I’ve had for 15 years!
Now, it is super-modified.  New 22" wheels, Brembo 4-caliber brakes, sport
pedals, and reinforced gear shifter.  Chain is still stock, but I plan on
upgrading that soon.  Anyway, I was up to 100 when both the Bimmer and
Stang were trying to get out of second gear!  I think they both crashed
when we went around the turn at the end of the street.  I had a cop chase
me after that, but I just moved my legs faster and lost him.  Conclusion:
driver of vehicle is what makes vehicle better.

NOTE: The above is sarcasm.  As "entertaining" as the last few weeks have
been, (especially for me, since I have one of the above cars in order [I won’t
say which, since I don’t want to get involved]), I think we have come to
the conclusion that some people will like Fords, others will like BMWs.
This talk about "top speed," "handling," and "acceleration" is moot, I think,
because I’m sure the "real drivers" out there know that numbers don’t
mean crap in the real world.  It is more the driver, rather than the car
that determines who "wins."  I personally have "beat" cars which are far
better performers than my old cars in every single category, and I’ve
actually lost (very seldomly :)) to cars that were not as good as mine
(actually, I can count on my fingers how many ;)).  It’s really not the
car, but rather the skill of the driver, and to some a greater extent,
the brass content in the driver’s OO’s.

So please, I’m not asking everyone to stop comparing cars.  Hell, if cars
were the same, we’d all be driving Model T’s today.  I’m just asking that
we all cool off a little and let’s not degenerate into insults like
"Fords are inefficient pieces of crap" or "BMW’s are overpriced race-car

OK, that said, we return back to the real discussions…that being of


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‘m from austria and a fan from the ”LANCIA DELTA INTEGRALE”

I’ve been  two times in the USA but never saw this car.

Please can someone answer my questions:

1.)  Is this car with four wheel drive about 210 hp in the USA available?

2.) What’s the price?

Please send me an e-mail, when you have informations about this car.

                                  Thank you



 Christian Steger                   email: ste…@iti.tu-graz.ac.at

 Institute for Technical Informatics         |    ___ ___ ___   |
 GRAZ University of Technology, Austria      |     |   |   |    |
 Steyrergasse 17/4                           |     |   |   |    |
 A-8010 GRAZ                                 |    _|_  |  _|_   |
                                             |                  |

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Corrado SLC comments

I am looking at a 93 or 94 Corrado SLC. Any comments? please mail or post.


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Is Cadillac’s Northstar just a "cute" name for marketing
puposes or WHAT?

For example, Honda’s VTEC is not just a "cute" name. It
actually means something and DOES something to the engine
valves increasing horse power and mpg.

Cadillac cars with the Northstar engine have improve greatly
in terms of hp and mpg. For instance, when I compared Cadillac’s
4.6 V8 VS BMW 5.0 V12; surprisingly, I found out that BMW had
1 or 2 more HP; but the cadillac was definely a winner in mpg.


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Fuel Starvation/Vapor Lock

[ Article crossposted from alt.hotrod ]
[ Author was Brandi Hart ]
[ Posted on Thu, 30 Jun 1994 01:43:30 GMT ]

I have a 78 Blazer that is experiencing fuel problems.  I have a fuel
pressure gauge connected after the mechanical pump but before the
carburetor.  I am running both the electrical and mechanical fuel pump on
this thing.

The symptoms are as follows:
1.)  fuel pressure drops when first starting the engine. (sometimes)
     Sometimes if you wait and restart a few times the pressure will
     come up.
2.)  fuel pressure drops most often after engine has been driven on
     on the freeway at higher rpms.
3.)  fuel pressure drops on both cold and hot days, dry or rainy.

Things I have tried:
1.)  put on electrial pump alone.
2.)  used both electrical and mechanical together.
3.)  wrapped fueld line (by motor) with heat tape.
4.)  blew out fuel lines, cleaned out tank, changed fuel filters.

1.)  Is this vapor lock?
2.)  Could heat collapse/restrict my fuel flow?  Where?  Remember, it
     acts up even when its not hot or up to temperature.
3.)  Could this be electrical?  The blazer does not have a computer.


Please email any suggestions to: bra…@slc.unisys.com

Brandi Hart
70 Chevy Corvette
78 Chevy Blazer
68 Pontiac Firebird

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Hello, all.
Thought (in the midst of all this this vs. that rabble) that you good people
might be interested in hearing about the Memphis Motorsports time trial during
Car & Driver’s One Lap of America.  The straight skinny top five (in
semi-random order) were driving a Ruf Turbo Carrera 4, a ’95 M3, a ’95 Carrera
(actually, two Carreras placed), and I think a Cobra or maybe a ZR-1 or Super 7.
These results are fairly accurate…it’s been a few weeks.
Notable sights: Ruf Turbo 4 was awesome.  Fastest on the track, sounded great.
Glen Dodd had a ’49 or so Jaguar with an LT-1 engine.  A Ford F-350 dualie
placed (maybe even won) in bracket racing.  Picture a Chevy Impala SS
(superCaprice) coming through a turn sideways and fast.  Very impressive.
Other high-profile cars: ZR-1s, Cobras, new M3s and 911s, a DeLorean (insert
your own joke here), Dodge Neon (HAMSTER POWER!!!)

SO!  M3 is much better than the ‘Stang, but for the money it oughta be.  Try
comparing the Ford to something closer to its price…say, the Z28.

BTW, I saw plenty of Valentine radar detectors there, too.  Brock Yates had one
in his truck.

Jeb Hoge
Rhodes College

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