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Racing to the red light!

        I love driving down the city, at maybe 35, 40..keep’en around the speed
limit, when this car flies by you at about 55, races in front of you.  You
watch him pass 5 cars, swurving in and out of the left and right lanes and
ends up next to you at a light about one mile down the road.
        One time, that happened, and I saw the kid and kinda new him.  I
looked over and him and told him what a stupid moran he was.
        Now me…I have my city planned out.  When and where the light
change and what they are.  If I need to get from one end of town, reala
quick.  I use main and side streets, step on it, and end up at every green
light possible.  It’s great!

tjordan [Who needs a full page signature!!]

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Mixing Synthetics

If a person is intent on mixing synthetic and mineral oils then there are
options available.

1) Most important option, there are semi-synthetics on the market.  In
Canada, Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire) sells a semi-synthetic.

2) Not really an option.  Ask yourself how much are you actually saving
by mixing the two?  Is it worth the possible complications?  My opinion
is go hard or go home.  Either use 100% synthetic or use 100% mineral.  
Synthetics are excellent for extreme conditions, (dusty stop-n-go
traffic, racing, cold).  Unless these conditions are present or you love
your car, use the mineral oils.  Both types will do an adequate job, the
sythetics will provide alot more protection if chosen.

3) IMHO never personally mix the two types unless you are certain there
will not be complications such as the "bubble-gum" symtom.

P.S.  For those in the cold climate (especially this year in Canada),
Synthetic oils lose little or no viscosity in cold climates.

s5ell…@sms.business.uwo.ca (Steve Elliott)
Western Business School  –  London, Ontario

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Dash cover on cars with Passenger airbag?

I just brought an 94 Accord with dual airbags.  One interesting thing is
that the airbag outlet on the passenger side is on top of the dash board.  My
question is that can I still put a dash cover on the dash board?  If I do so,
it is going to cover the passenger side airbag outlet completely and preventing
from inflation during impact(I beleive).  Is this legal to use a dash cover in
this case?  Confused?  Owner’s manual does not explain this..  Thanks for the

Please email t…@netmanage.com

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Re: Install turbo

Excerpts from netnews.rec.autos.driving: 15-Mar-94 Install turbo by
Daniel Brian F…@cats.u

> I was thinking about installing a turbo charger to my car. Would that be a
> god idea or would that be too much stress for the car since it was not
> for turbo.

Probably the latter.  At the very least, you would have to lower the
compression ratio.  If it is a turbo kit you are thinking of that is
specially designed for your car, it may be alright.  Don’t do it if this
is your only car, as it is best tried with your "Sunday afternoon car".


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Derek Shaffer d…@andrew.cmu.edu (Carnegie Mellon) A3k/Emplant

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You have 1 article, you must cross-post,how many groups?

Ahhhh, bandwidth. I remember when it meant something…

Steve D’Amelio    

Bump steer: How Dale Earnhardt gets through a turn.    Just say no to #3

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Gasoline Brands

Is there any significant difference in gasoline brands?  Are there any
recommendations for one brand or another?

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89 CRX Si

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When is it yours? – UPDATE

   Well, many thanks to all who responded, you guys have come through
again, but I still need some more help.  I’ve talked to a number of
people here in PA and have gotten several different suggestions.  One
notary public said I could try to get the garage owner the title as the
car had been apparently abandoned.  Another said that I should just
apply for a duplicate title, wait till it comes, give the garage guy a
few bucks, and "try to make it look as legal as possible."  I didn’t
like this idea, I had visions of the rightful owner crawling out of the
woodwork after I’d already fixed up the car and legally kicking my ass.
Both agreed I should go to Harrisburg and try to find the last
registration so as to know where to find the owner. I’ve already found
one from 1982 in the glovebox, if everyone’s telling me the truth,
that’s the latest one and she’s no longer at that address.  I’m going to
go ahead and go through H’burg, but what do I do after that?  Anybody
familiar with the way the state of PA works?  I just got off the phone
with the DMV and they were absolutely no help at all.  The nice lady
told me I would "probably have to go to court and have them award me the
title."  HELP!  I really want this car!
    For those who missed the beginnings of this thread, I found a really
nice car parked in the back of a gas station and went to investigate.
Apparently it’s been parked there for years, but the owner of the
station is hesitant to sell it because it’s not his.  Since then I’ve
been trying to do a little research into how to find the owner or else
convince this guy he can legally sell it to me without her.

        Special thanks to everyone who posted and also these nice people
who wrote to me personally, and anyone I might have missed:

                   CERTIFIED MAIL <DATTA…@VAX1.UMKC.EDU>
                   copl…@gvsu.edu (1664)
                   tim….@jntsea.gsfc.nasa.gov (Tim Atwell)
                   Michael C Voorhis <mvoor…@WPI.EDU>


PS- the car is a ’62 Olds Starfire, a neat little 4-seater hardtop.
It’s got all the hipo shit (except it has a 3-spd auto :( ).  It’s
totally thrashed, but I’d still like to try…  Anyone with any info on
what goes bad on these cars and things I should watch for, please let me
know.  Also, the tranny shift pattern is P-N-D-S-L-R.  What tranny is
this?  Is it as reliable as, say, a THM-350?  Could I swap in a THM-350
(which I have) without changing the crossmember or driveshaft?  I know
all about bolt patterns, I have one for each.   And yes, I know it’s
ugly, but I like it anyway.  And the old jet-fighter cockpit is cool.

PPS- if I actually do get this car, I’ll be selling my ’49 (Chevy).  I’d
like to keep the motor/tranny, but there’s a body w/ good frame, lots of
extra parts (most need painting/plating, though), ’55 rearend, disc
brakes, etc.  If you’re interested, let me know.

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not quite top ten, but this actually happened…
        I had just finished replacing my radiator and decided that I should try
to make the engine over heat on my way to work… I was doing about 55-60 in
a 25 mph zone, and I was concentrating on my temp gauge and the road…, not
the cop in my rear view mirror, believe it or not, I got out of the ticket,
the cop said "I was too busy concentrating on the road to look at my speedo",
i.e. he was afraid of going that fast!, he let me go! (the radiator workedfine)

How about top ten Cop excuses for not giving a ticket!

     /          \
    /————\            Edward   sei…@lamar.colostate.edu
   [[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]   if you squint real hard it kinda looks like my car!
   —          —  85′ Gli w/euro Headlights, bilsteins, low springs etc.  

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