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Rain driving w/o wipers


I was driving on a highway with moderate rain when I noticed that my wipers
were not working properly.  So I turned them off.  I noticed that even with the
wipers off my visibility was not that much diminished.  There were few things
on the road for me to watch out for (unlike in city driving).  Sometimes the
amount of rain and the speed of the wipers are such that the wipers don’t
really help.

Ki Suk

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1986 Grand Prix 2 + 2

Am interested in finding replacement parts for a 1986 wrecked Grand Prix 2 + 2
especially the front spoiler and the honeycomb grill.  Also would like to find
out if there is a newsgroup for this car.
Please reply: CLAL…@MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU or call (513) 988-0877.

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Info Wanted – Speed Cameras

I’d appreciate any and all information on a US-based company called
American Traffic Systems (ATS), and their products including the
"AutoPatrol" speed camera.

The AutoPatrol employs a slant radar unit coupled to a motorised
still camera with mechanical film reload and overlaid text showing
location, speed, time and so forth.  The location text, camera
trigger speed and so on is updated via a serial connection to a Grid

Thanks in advance!

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HAWK Police Radar

There was an article in the local paper today about the
Charleston (SC) police and their 6mo. old Camaro pursuit vehicle.
Among things such as claiming a 178mph top speed, and mentioning
that the vehicle has won some prizes in local car shows, the
article said the car was equipped with a "…top of the line HAWK
radar system…" which allows clocking vehicles in any direction.

Anyone have any details on this system?


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Re: Will foil in hubcaps foil police radar?

In article <1993Sep8.112713.11…@cee.hw.ac.uk>,

j…@cee.hw.ac.uk (Jack Campin) wrote:
> Drivers going faster than the limit in urban areas form a large
> proportion of these killers…

I agree about urban speeders.  In general, though, we may
be looking at each other’s laws across that famous cultural
canyon again.  In many US states, radar is used quite often
to conduct a money harvest on the open road in a manner that
stinks to high heaven of arbitrary, capricious, and uneven
enforcement.  The user, although a member of an organization
often optimistically called the "Highway Patrol," is like as
not enforcing the law and promoting public safety by taking
his ease beneath a shade tree at the side of the road, waiting
for some traveler to register a lucrative speed on the radar
gun.  You can see how this leads to a measure of cynicism.

"Just another personal opinion from the People’s Republic of Berkeley"
Disclaimer:  Even if my employer had an opinion on the subject,
I wouldn’t be the one making the official statement.

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hood surfing

I just thought that I would mention that a friend of mine who
drives a ’71 Cutlass convertible used to stand while driving
sometimes and even surf on the hood by standing/sliding onto
it and reach back to steer. Needless to say these were long,

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Re: QUESTION: Coasting in Neutral

In California:

Section 21710:  The driver of a motor vehicle when
traveling on down grade upon any highway shall not
coast with the gears of such vehicle in neutral.

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FREE 1993 Toyota Camry seat covers & interior fabric trim!


We recently got a 1993 Toyota Camry and  ended up with the aftermarket
leather interior instead of the factory leather.   When we got the car
back  from  the dealer  they  had returned to   us all of the interior
fabric trim that they had to remove to put the leather on.  As this is
a brand new car,  the fabric that was removed  has  no spills, smears,
gum, etc.  on it. BTW, It’s light-blue colored.

I’d rather not clog the local landfill (actualy,  it’s probably not so
local) with  it, so  if  you’d like  it it’s yours   for the cost   of
shipping it to you.  Just send e-mail!

ps: FYI, It’s in New Jersey, exit 168 ;-)

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FWD/AWD driving techniques -> At Speed??

I use to be a proponent of the thought that RWD was the only way
to go as far as sport driving goes.  I just couldn’t see how it
would be any fun to drive without using the throttle for steering.

However, as time went on and a lot of excellent handling FWD cars
are around, I find myself pondering the adjustments to driving
styles at speed.  To date, I have found that on FWD, the best method
seems to be very hard braking and very early apex.  The hard braking
allowing the proper placement of the tail for early exit.   It also
seems that this method is well suited to FWD as any hard throttle
use on anything with any amount of steering angle cranked in usually
leads to tires breaking loose.

I have never driven a AWD sports car in a sporting manner and wonder
what techniques are useful and wether you have any throttle,brake
control of steering.

Any thoughts, comments ???

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Re: Daytime running lights for precaution?

There’s gonna be plenty of DRL’s invading the USA soon.  Avis is retrofitting
10% of its fleet for a trial run with DRLs.

DRL’s – the quintessial Canadian export


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