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Re: MOMO puts airbags in racing steering wheels

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>I was highly skeptical of airbags when they were first introduced,
>especially when US lawmakers play idiotic games like allowing inferior
>belt systems (aka passive restraints) at the same time, to cater to the
>mindless masses.

What exactly are you talking about here? What is the difference
between a "good" and a "bad" belt system? How could one spot the
difference and what have lawmakers got to do with this?

(This discussion should be in rec.autos.driving and I have adjusted
the Followup-To line to that effect.)

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Big ugly thing

I just saw a wierd car this morning.

Iwas more or less your standered chevy blazer jacked to the rafters with big
tires etc. Except when I looked in my rearview mirror the lights on top while
looking like the standered KC types were red and blue. I couldn’t see the
drivers so I don’t know if they were cops or what but after the mention of the
stealth cops about I am damned curious.


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Laser Jamming

After seeing articles on laser speed detection, and radar jamming, I was
wondering if it would be possible to jam the new laser guns legally by
simply creating a steady emission of light of the proper wavelength from
the car.  I havent heard of any laws prohibiting this (as opposed to
RF jamming).  I believe the lasers operate in the infrared spectrum, so
I dont know what could be used to produce the light.  It would have to
be at a fairly wide angle.  Any thoughts?

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Land Yachts

So does anyone really enjoy comanding a land yacht. (You can’t call what you do
in them driving) I recently was driving my parents for a while and am kinda
puzzled. Everything I enjoy about driving is not there, yet there is an odd
sort pleasure to it. It is sorta like being in a dream, unconnected to reality,
you just sort of float along the road, divorced from almost every sign that you
are driving a vehicle. Every command you enter into the system has a slight
delay before taking effect. THey are much better on the highway than on a city
streets, in fact one could almost get to enjoy the experience if you were say
driving in west texas, but on any sort of "fun" road they quickly pale.



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Driving tips for New York???

        This weekend I am flying into Newark NJ and travelling
North towards Westpoint and Newburgh etc.  I have never been to
that portion of the country so does anyone have any driving tips
for that area?  For example popular speed traps along the way?
Types of radar employed? Since I am kflying the only "stealth"
equipment I will have will be a radar detector.  Are radar
detectors still illegal in large trucks in NY?  But then again
I will be in a speed burner of a car a Geo Metro rental car!
                                Thanx in advance,

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Body work?

My nearly-new Pathfinder was the unwilling recipient of some custom
body work, thanks to someone who parked behind me at about 30. (Guess he
was having trouble with the break/brake confusion). Thankfully, he had
paid his insurance premiums.

In any case, I’m off to the body shop for a couple grand worth of
fixemup. I’m a little leery of letting someone who may or may not know
what he’s doing work on my very favorite car, so I’m wondering, what
kind of questions should I ask prospective repairers? Is two-tone,
metallic, clear-coated paint going to require special equipment?

55: It’s not a good idea, it’s just the law.

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Fighting a supposedly speeding ticket.

I need help, or more likely, other peoples input besides my own.

Saturday morning at approx. 10:00 AM 2-6-93, I was driving on I-70
heading East.  I was basically leaving Columbus to go see my parents in
Steubenville.  Not two miles from the I-71 and I-70 intersection, I saw
about 5 police cruisers on the side of the road.  I checked my speed
limit, and it was variable between 55 – 60, which is the speed limit.

About a minute after I passed the cruisers, I was pulled over by a
cruiser with two police officers in it.  The officer on the passenger
side got out and came and asked me for my badge because I have a
Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) sticker on my truck.  I said that I was
not a police officer, but my sister is and she gave it to me.  He then
threatened to take me into jail because I was not an officer and that it
was illegal for me to have the sticker.

After the threat, he told me I was going 74.2 in a 55 zone.  He went
back to the cruiser and checked my license and registration and came
back and gave me the ticket.  I asked him to see the radar that had my
supposed speed and he said that they did not use radar.  He also
threatened to take me into jail because I had a Radar detecter — they
are not illegal in Ohio.  

I then asked hiom to see the device that they used to clock me.  He said
that he did not want to show me, and that I should take it as that,
unless I would like to go to jail — again (3rd threat).

I have one prior speeding ticket from three years ago.  I was shown the
radar, by the Highway Patrol, because they have to show the offender.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me
1) Is it illegal to have an FOP sticker if you are not a police officer.
   As I said, my sister is one from a different city, and she gave it to
2) Do police have to show me the device used to "trap me"
3) Can I use the fact that the police were out to probably meet their
   ticket quota for the month.

One detail that I did not mention, is that I was behind a tow truck
while I was passed by several cars.  I was wondering, if Vascar or Radar
picks up a specific object, or is it possible that it can pick up the
wrong vehicle.
e-mail me at

   ____)                                     Daniel R. Iacovone
  (  )  __    ___  _  .   . __  (___  ___    Columbus, Ohio
    /  (  |   )   ) )  ) /  ) )  )  ) )_     iacov…@zeus.franklin.edu
___(__) \_|/ (__ /_/  //   /_/  /  /  )__

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Re: Outside mirrors: was Panoramic Rear View Mirror

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>I read somewhere that in order to eliminate your blind spots, you could just
>angle your side rear view mirrors out abot 15 degrees BEYOND where you can
>just see the side of your car.  This way, you see things approaching in your
>center mirror, then they move into your side mirror, and finally into your
>periferal vission.  Seems to work well, although it takes some time to get
>used to.  I try to keep a good inventory of the cars behind and aroundme,
>just to be safe.


  This has worked sell for me for many years.  Especially useful on multi-lane
  roads.  I have mine adjusted so that I can see the front of a car on
  either side with my peripheral vision while still seeing the rear of the
  vehicle in the outside mirror.  Really eliminates blind spots.  Blind spots
  are less of a problem in my wife’s Volvo than in my Supra, though.

John Broughton

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World Circuit/driving sim question

I recently purchased World Circuit and think it’s
a great game. The only real drawback (besides the
documentation) is that you have to use a joystick
to control the car. Major bummer – very

Consequently, I have questions for all you users
of World Circuit, Test Drive, Mario Andretti,
Nascar, Indy 500, etc.

If a steering wheel controller was available
for these games, would you be inclined to
purchase such a device.

If the quality and features of such a device were
comparable to the Thrust FCS, and included such
items as a steering wheel-mounted "semi-automatic"
gear changer and a seat of brake/accelerator
pedals, how much would be willing to pay?

Would you want the pedals part of the complete
unit or would you prefer them as an add-on? If
an add-on, what you be willing to pay for the
basic steering unit and how much extra for the

Lastly, if a "real" gearbox was available,
which would you prefer, the "pushbutton
semi-automatic" or the box? Would you be
willing to pay extra for a gearbox as an
option, and how much?

Bob Boulanger


Please reply via e-mail so as not to clutter up the net. If
enough interest in the responses is evident I’ll
post a summary.

Bob Boulanger
Logic Modeling Corporation
19500 NW Gibbs Drive
Beaverton, OR  97006

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cold weather,car stoped,help wanted

Hi, friends,

Last weekend was very cold in Ottawa, I driving with some of my
friends outside. We parked the car on the street.When we want to go
back, the car can not be ignited.
At first I thought it is because the weather is too cold, but when it
warms up, the car still can’t be ignited. I don’t know what is wrong
with it, I suppose there is not a big problem, so I would like ask your
advice instead of going to garage.

Can you give me some advice? You may have more experiences then I
Any advice will be highly appreciated.


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