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Parking Violation

Dear netter,

    I have a parking ticket received in NY City because I parked my car beside
a hydrant.  Since there are not much chances in Texas that I will see a
hydrant, at that time I did park beside a hydrant.  I wonder this will appear
on my driving record if I do not pay the fine.

   Thank you for your responds.


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Driving 55

So this idea occurred to me the other day – what if you actually
started a nationwide movement to drive exactly 55, or less,
actually, since 55 is a "limit".  Let’s assume for the sake
of argument that we get 90% compliance – which would actually
force 100% compliance since the other 10% would be stuck in

Would the resulting traffic jams and congestion, and loss
of revenue cause government to wake up and raise the limit?

The extra beauty is that even cops and government officials
can’t speed when there’s 4 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic
all going 55.  They’d get frustrated pretty fast, I think.

Oh, the beauty of it – commuters, vacationers, cops, ambulances,
the President, judges, we’d *all* be stuck in traffic!  How
long would the situation last, I wonder?


Neil Williams: ne…@informix.com

Seen on my last trip on United: "If you are seated in an exit row
and can not (sic) read this card… please notify a crew member."

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Illegal Acceleration?

I have wondered about acceleration and the law.  Could I possibly be
breaking some inane law by accelerating up to, but not exceeding, the
posted speed limit very rapidly?  For example, using the full 0 to 45
potential of my car?  

I wonder about this more often now that I have 0-60 times in the 3
second range.  But even in slower modes of transport with 7 sec. times,
I have wondered what a "protector of humanity" would do.  In my
younger and more foolish days, I smoked a cop away from a red light
all the way up to the posted limit. Ooooooooooo.

Section 23.67-8 paragraph 17b: Accelerating faster than the federally
                               mandated second derivative of location
                               equation deems suitable for the well
                               being and safety of the helpless
                               citixens of this, the United States of


Case Western Reserve University,  Cleveland, Ohio            DoD #650
Anyone know where a mechanical engineer can get a job?

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LIDAR – A detector alone is not enough!

Having just viewed an article on CNBC about the new LIDAR guns, it would
appear that a detector alone is useless.  What is needed is a countermeasures
unit that locks on to the laser beam & jams it.  Since we’re talking about
light here the FCC shouldn’t have much say in it.  It should be real easy
for a detector to switch on a laser beam & direct it toward the gun to
‘blind’ it.  Sounds like a good business oportunity here.

Also, since the LIDAR depends on finding a flat surface on the car, from which
to bounce the beam, cars with sloping hoods and little flat surface at the
front should be much harder to capture.  It should be relatively easy to
eliminate flat surfaces.  Matt black cars would also be more stealthy.

If that doesn’t work, you could hook up a couple of laser seeking missiles to
the LIDAR detector, so even if the cop did get you, he wouldn’t be around
to call it in!  :)   (Just joking, but it would look good in a movie!)

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reliable cars

I am graduating from school and am interested in purchasing a small reliable car
– preferably hatchback.

Do you have recommendations of cars to consider buying and cars to consider NOT



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It is for automotive sports, such as racing.  Car racing, that is.
Discussions about sports car problems, and attempts to sell your
problems, er, sports car, and anything else having to do with not
racing cars, belongs in some other newsgroup, such as rec.autos,
rec.autos.tech, or your_area.forsale.

If your question or problem-for-sale isn’t of great interest to most folks
in Namibia, Ceylon, Siberia, Uraguay, Tasmania, and Bora Bora, you might
also consider not posting to the entire world.

Bob Wakehouse
Aloha, Oregon

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What is a "jake brake"?

While traveling through Fredonia, Arizona earlier this month, I
saw a sign stating "NO JAKE BRAKES ALLOWED IN TOWN". None of
us in the vehicle could guess, so… what is a "jake brake"?


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VW for Sale

1975 VW Superbeetle for sale!  
Black, new tires, new rims, good suspension.
Excellent chocolate brown interior, good exterior.

Act fast, must sell to pay for tuition!!
Will sacrifice at $1000.

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Recommendations for Mini Van

Took a trip to Minnisota with my son and pregnant wife
in a Jeep Cherokee w/o a/c. I am now in the market for
a mini van with dual a/c. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance, J. Don

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'87 nissan sentra 5-door

I took back this ’87 Horizon I bought from a Toyota/Mazda dealer (they
never got the engine to run right, and they gave me back every penny I
paid, after spending about $500 of their own on it over two months!) and
my friendly dealer had an ’87 Nissan Sentra 5-door on the lot, priced at
twice what I paid for the Horizon, with only 51,000 miles on it.  Ran
good, felt good to drive, I bought it.

I’m secure in the belief that I have a good, solid car here… still,
forewarned is forearmed.

What do I need to watch out for in this car, besides the legendary
higher-than-average number of parts per car?  What
>specifically< should I have checked by my trusted third-party

mechanic during the thirty-day warranty period?

All feedback appreciated.

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